Parking Patrols, Mobility Schemes and School Safety

Report illegal parking

School Safety Program

FACT Sheets – the Fact Sheets below have lots of road safety information for your children

Safe School Travel  Road Safety Tips For Kindergarten Parents

Authorised Officers regularly patrol parking in school zones and provide education relating to parking and parking restrictions around these areas to ensure the safety of children.

When it comes to child safety, we have a zero tolerance approach to illegal parking.  If you are endangering children by parking illegally in school zones you will be issued with a penalty notice.  These parking offences carry higher penalties and loss of demerit points.

The School Safety Program includes education program at the start of the school year whereby officers attend all schools in the Shire, to provide education to parents and carers on parking restrictions in school zones.

Your Children may not be thinking much about road safety, but you should.

Schools are areas where there is a lot of interaction between cars and pedestrians: your children.

Children are small, hard to see, behave unpredictably, and are extremely vulnerable.  Their limited road experience means it is difficult for them to judge dangerous situations.

Sutherland Shire Council wants all children to be safe going to and from school - and that depends on you. Act safely when driving or walking around schools so children will learn to be safe too. Read the facts sheets below for more information and pass them on to carers (like Grandparents) who may be picking up or dropping off your children from school.

Parking Patrols

Authorised Officers are on duty daily throughout the year and undertake activities related to parking offences, investigate parking concerns from the public and manage programs to identify specific illegal parking matters.

Parking related offences are governed by the NSW Road Rules

Parking Programs 

Community reports of illegal parking

Parking concerns received by members of the public are allocated to an authorised officer for investigation.  The officer will determined the appropriate course of action on an individual basis and action taken may include warnings or penalty notices being issued.  The customer reporting the issue will be contacted and advised of the outcome. 

Mobility Parking Scheme

This program seeks to manage the misuse of permits.  MPS permits are issued by the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) to people with a disability or to an organisation who transports people with a disability to allow easier parking and access. 

Permit must be displayed

You must display both your NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit (license style card) and your Australian Disability Parking Permit (large purple card) in order to obtain parking concessions.  The side marked ‘this side up’ must be clearly displayed on the left hand (passenger) side of the vehicle windscreen or passenger window, or if not practical on any window.    

Improper use of MPS permit

RMS provides councils with a 'watch list' of cancelled permits which enables officers to check they are valid.  If a permit is being used in breach of any conditions of the scheme, authorised officers may report the incident to the RMS, issue a penalty notice and/or confiscate the permit.

Penalty noices also apply if you have a permit, but do not display it on the vehicle when stopping or parking in a reserved space.

Pay a Parking Penalty Infringement Notice


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Illegal Parking Penalty Infringement Notices

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