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The Indian Myna is a pest animal introduced to Australia that significantly contribute to the decrease of native bird populations by aggressively outcompeting them for food and habitat.

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If you are experiencing issues with nuisance Indian Mynas the following methods are the most effective ways of deterring them from your area:

  • Prevent access to food waste, compost, uneaten pet food and if possible feed pets inside
  • Remove bird feeders
  • Create a native bird friendly garden by planting native plants removing weeds and providing a bird bath
  • Turn outside lights off at night to prevent attracting insects
  • Repair eaves and gaps in your roof
  • Report any illegal or inhumane treatment of animals to police. 

Indian Myna Control Program

Indian Mynas are well established in the Sutherland Shire and the above methods are the most effective at reducing Indian Mynas from your area. If you wish for further assistance Sutherland Shire Council conduct an Indian Myna Trap Loan Program that residents can participate in. To be involved in the Indian Myna trap loan program follow the below steps:

  • Firstly ensure you have the Indian Myna pest bird and not the native Noisy Myna bird present as shown in the image below (control measures and trap loans are only taken for the invasive Indian Mynas not native Noisy Myna birds)
  • Read our information sheet regarding Indian Myna Trap Loans
  • Apply for an Indian Myna trap by following the link below
  • You will then go on the list to attend a trap induction at the council nursery which are held every three months.
  • At the trap loan induction you will learn how to use the trap humanely and effectively (the waiting period is subject to trap availability)
  • You will borrow the trap for a period of 6 weeks and then return it back to the council nursery


Reporting Indian Mynas

Sutherland Shire Council are aware of Indian Mynas occurring in all areas of the Sutherland Shire and do not require reported sightings to assist with the Indian Myna control program. All Indian Myna sightings should instead be reported on Myna Scan a pest animal mapping tool that is used to collate data on pest animals across Australia. By reporting to Feral Scan you are greatly assisting government agencies gather valuable data to identify key areas in need of Indian Myna control and funding.

For more information on Feral Scan visit: 

Report an Indian Myna to Feral Scan:


Address: ,

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Pest Animal Species and Wildlife Protection Policy


Enquiries can be directed to Invasive Species Officer on 9710 0333 or

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