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Breed:Medium unknown cross breed

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Petey has been at the shelter since 23/12/2018

Cheeky character and a stunning smile…is our Petey your next best mate? Petey has been living the shelter life for three long months now. Three months of no family, no home and not much excitement. When you are an active adventurer like our Petey, the shelter life just isn’t enough! He’s searching for the perfect family – one that can give him plenty of fun, a big walk every day so he can sniff out the neighborhood and lots of toys and games to keep him happy. With his dashing spots and big brown eyes, Petey is always ready to greet you with a huge smile and a wagging tail. This cheeky dog is 3 years young and loves hanging out with his human pals, but isn’t too keen on other dogs – they can’t keep up! He’s dreaming of the single dog life where he can rule the roost and have a big, secure yard to make his very own. He’s not too fussed about who his new people are – adults and kids, Petey loves everyone, just as long as they’re active and fun-loving like him! Spend time with Petey and you’ll find he’s a clever dog underneath a big goofball exterior. Given the right opportunities, we know Petey will excel at any training thrown his way. He’s already a master of the sit, and is happy to show off his skills and pose for a tasty treat from the people who mosey by his yard. Training will give Petey the opportunity to truly shine, and will serve to keep his mind and body busy too! If you’re looking for a fun-loving and adventure-seeking young dog ready to roll, come on down to the shelter to meet Petey. We know you’ll fall in love with him just like we have.


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Breed:Medium unknown cross breed

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Amity has been at the shelter since 13/03/2019

Dogs don’t get much prettier than this sexy woman…introducing AMITY! What a dog this cheeky and adorably cute princess is. Aside from all of her obvious beauty, this fun little busy bee is what great dogs are made of. Amity is all about love and cuddles and good times. She is a big sooky sweetheart who just wants to be with you so she can spread her contagious happy sunshine and make you smile. Amity is all about fun and adventures. She loves to play and bounce and be crazy and always has a ball of a time with you by her side. Very much a peoples pet, Amity loves to show off her silliness and all round beauty while that winning smile melts your heart. This crazy character is bursting out of her blue and white coat to please and love you, while her hilarious antics are forever entertaining. Amity is looking to begin her pet life journey with a family that is tailor made for her. Being an active and energetic woman, Amity needs a family that she will very much be a part of. She looks forward to family fun filled adventures where she can experience the life that she spends her shelter days dreaming of. Daily exercise through walks and training to keep that active mind and body content are a must, as Amity is no coach potato. She is highly intelligent and loves to show off her smarts and skills when training. Amity is very much the performer with a high drive and will be a fun and fulfilling dog to continue training with. And just like all dogs, when she is not burning energy with her antics, she loves quality snuggle time with her people and will make a great chill out companion while she purrs like a pampered princess in your arms. Amity, with her undeniable cuteness and love for everyone and everything, is a dog that will make your life complete. She will be the loyalist best friend and adventure buddy you have ever had, with endless licks of love and admiration so that you always know that your hearts are one. Amity is searching for her destiny, and is wiggling her bum and doing her happy dance in excitement for meeting you.

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Thor - has a new home

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Thor has been at the shelter since 06/05/2019




Breed:Unknown medium cross breed

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Belle has been at the shelter since 10/05/2019

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