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Protect Our Endangered Shorebirds

Shorebirds and their habitat are under threat from increased human activity.  Some migratory shorebirds travel between the northern Arctic region and Sutherland Shire each year in search of food on our beaches, sandflats and estuaries.  If shorebirds are disturbed while feeding or resting they may not put on the layers of fat needed to make the long migration and can fail to breed.  Birds see dogs as natural predators and will take flight if a dog is observed.  Even on a leash or if it just wants to play, your dog can have an impact on these amazing creatures. 

Sooty and Pied Oystercatchers are endangered shorebirds that nest on some of our quieter beaches.  The eggs and chicks are vulnerable and can be unknowingly harmed.  For more information, download our leaflet, Shorebirds Need Your Protection.

Share our natural areas with native animals by not taking your dog to the few areas in the Shire have been declared as wildlife protection areas.  Dogs are also prohibited from bathing areas (including beaches) unless the beach is designated as a dog off leash area. 

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