What is Council Doing to Save Water?

Council is working on a number of initiatives to reduce our impact on water storage levels.

Water Recycling Facility

Sutherland Shire Council’s water recycling facility, the Cronulla-Woolooware Wastewater Reuse Scheme, has been in operation since 2012 and is the only one of its type. The facility has the capacity to produce up to 4 million litres of recycled water each day which assists Council’s capability in keeping local sporting fields and recreation areas open during times of drought, as the use of recycled water is not limited by water restrictions.

Recycled water is used to irrigate public and private sites including Cronulla Golf Course, Woolooware High School, Woolooware Golf Course, Captain Cook Playing Fields, Marang Parklands and Solander Playing Fields. Recycled water is an affordable, abundant and sustainable resource that plays a vitally important role in enabling us to conserve our precious drinking water during the drier months.

Council is also investigating opportunities to transport recycled water to additional sites that are outside of the scheme.

Stormwater Harvesting

A Number of parks and reserves across Sutherland Shire are irrigated from stormwater which is harvested and treated onsite, parks include: Cronulla Park, Buckle Reserve and Billa Road Oval. In addition to this, Stormwater runoff is collected and stored within an onsite dam at the Ridge and is used to water the Ridge Golf Course.

Hybrid and Synthetic Turf Systems for Sporting Fields

Sutherland Shire is home to a number of synthetic playing fields including Kareela, Sylvania and Marang Parklands. Council has also installed and is trialling a hybrid turf at Harrie Dening Football Centre at Kareela. Hybrid and synthetic turf systems are shown to reduce watering and maintenance costs and provide a more consistent playing surface all year round.

Sutherland Shire Council will continue to monitor the success of the synthetic and hybrid turf systems and assess the suitability of these systems for other playing fields in the future.

Maintenance of Existing Playing Fields, Parks and Open Spaces.

Council is currently employing a range of measures to reduce our reliance on potable water (water which is safe to drink) for ongoing maintenance of our parks and playing fields. Teams are aerating soil and using wetting agents to increase the penetration of water into the ground. We’re starting earlier so work can be completed in the cooler parts of the day. We’ve reduced planting, we are selecting native plant species that are more drought tolerant and are using mulch to keep moisture in.

Council has been granted some exemptions under the current water restrictions which will allow us to continue to maintain facilities and services for our community. Council employees are aware of their responsibilities under the current water restrictions and staff members who work in public spaces carry a copy of the restrictions and current exemptions should you have any questions. To learn more about what Council is permitted to do read on.


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