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Level 2 Water Restrictions are now in place as dam levels have dropped below 45 percent, for the Sutherland Shire community this means:

  • You can only use a watering can or bucket to water your garden before 10am and after 4pm.
  • You can only use drip irrigation or smart watering systems for a maximum of 15mins a day per watering zone, before 10 am and after 4pm.
  • You can only top up an existing pool or spa, using a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, watering can or bucket for a maximum of 15 minutes a day. You can only do this to replace water lost through evaporation, not to replace water deliberately removed from the pool or spa.
  • You can only wash your vehicles with a bucket and sponge.
  • You need a permit to fill new or renovated pools and spas that hold more than 500L.

For further information on what is and is not allowed and what do if you see water being misused visit: www.sydneywater.com

For handy tips on how you can do your bit to save water visit: lovewater.sydney/tips


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