U Turn the Wheel

The "U Turn the Wheel" program is a one-day in-school road safety program that is now being delivered to Year 11 students in every High School in the Sutherland Shire.

"U Turn the Wheel" is coordinated by local Rotary Clubs and supported by Sutherland Shire Council. 

Expert presenters talk to students about the issues facing young drivers, and discuss strategies to deal with them.

The program reinforces the messages that parents are trying to get their young drivers to heed – that the decisions and actions made by drivers on the roads are their responsibility alone, and can often lead to unforeseen and tragic consequences.

Program Sessions

The underlying theme promotes students taking individual responsibility for the choices that they make as drivers

Keeping Your L’s and P’s 


Local Highway Patrol Officers discuss the methods and consequences of enforcement. 

There is a strong focus on identifying risk-taking behaviour, such as speeding, using mobile phones, and the penalties for these offences.

Picking Up the Pieces


NSW Ambulance Service present on the results of crashes and how driver attitude affects risk.

The theme of personal choice is integral.

The Paramedics have extensive personal experience at crash scenes and the students are always interested in what causes crashes and how they can be avoided.

Driver Distractions


YouthSafe present a highly interactive session on managing distractions.

The main goal is identifying in-car distractions and talking about how best to deal with them.

New Driver Survivor


Local driving instructors from L Trent Driving School emphasise the hazards, distractions and risks that challenge safe driving outcomes.

Discussions occur based on the types of decisions made and the skills and techniques needed to avoid crashes, within various crash scenarios.

Buying a Safe Used Car


The NRMA gives advice on how to buy a used car and the things to look out for.

The session discusses the costs of car ownership with a strong focus on buying the safest car students can afford.

Being Fit to Drive 


Students learn that there is no "safe" amounts of drugs or alcohol when driving. 

Session includes how different substances can impair driving ability, the rate that young bodies process alcohol, as well as the importance of having a "getting home safely" plan.

Presented by 2Connect Youth & Community.

The "U Turn the Wheel" Success Story

Since 2007 there have been many changes in NSW to the driving and licensing laws affecting young drivers, with many of these measures helping to bring about a decrease in the crash rates of young drivers.

The crash rate among drivers aged 17-20 year old continues to fall in the Sutherland Shire, thanks in part to the on-going student involvement in the "U Turn the Wheel" Program.



The rate of 17-20 year old drivers involved in casualty crashes fell 52% between 2007 and 2016 in the Sutherland Shire.

Glovebox Guide

The Centre for Road Safety have a Breakdown Glovebox Guide available for download.



Martin Tabone, Rotary Coordinator
Ph: 0418 262 810
Email: uttw@bigpond.com

or Sutherland Shire Council (details below)

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Enquiries can be directed to Mark Stuart, Road Safety Officer on 9710 0341 or mstuart@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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