Digital Speed Display Program

Did you know?

That speed is a contributing factor in one in six casualty crashes in the Sutherland Shire?

That 40% of all casualty crashes happen on local 50km/h streets?

That as vehicle speed increases, so does the severity of injuries suffered?

Trial Program

Portable digital speed display signs were trialed at three locations for six months in Sutherland Shire in 2018.

This initiative aimed to promote road safety by increasing driver awareness of their speed on neighbourhood roads.

Sutherland Shire Council evaluated the effectiveness of the three signs at locations in a residential area (Fowler Rd, Illawong), shopping strip (Lantana Rd, Engadine) and near a school (Waratah St, Sutherland). 

  • Fowler Rd, Illawong showed a 21% reduction in speed.
  • Lantana Rd, Engadine showed a 9% reduction in speed.
  • Waratah St, Sutherland showed a 7% reduction in speed outside School Zone operating hours, and a 23% reduction during School Zone hours.

As can be seen, the displays have been successful in encouraging drivers to reduce their speed.  The speed data was collected from the devices at 2 week intervals following installation, and over the 6 months trial period the units showed very little sign of decreased effectiveness.

Altogether this has been an overwhelmingly positive result and the program has been well received by the community.

How the Digital Speed Displays Work

  • If the motorist is driving at or below the speed limit, a smiley face is displayed. 
  • If the motorist is driving above the speed limit by up to 9 km/h, the vehicle’s speed is displayed below a SLOW DOWN message.
  • If the motorist is driving 10 km/h or more above the speed limit, a SLOW DOWN message is displayed. 

Speed readings are not used to issue infringement notices.  The purpose of the sign is to give motorists feedback on their driving behaviour. 

Where are they?

Council has five Digital Speed Display units which are temporarily installed at various locations throughout the Shire.  The units are rotated between these locations at 2-4 month periods in order to provide a Shire-wide road safety benefit to the community.

The units are currently situated at:

  • Alfords Point – Brushwood Drive
  • Bonnet Bay - Tudar Road
  • Caringbah – Gannons Road
  • Engadine – Lantana Road
  • Illawong – Fowler Road.

Potential sites for the additional warning sign installations are identified based on feedback from the community and the assessment of the council’s traffic officers.


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Enquiries can be directed to Greg Holding, Team Leader Traffic & Transport Services on 9710 0514 or


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