1 - Examine Policies

The first step in preparing a development application is to look at the policies and the rules that apply to your development.  You will need to work out which planning instrument applies to your land, usually the LEP.  A check of council’s zoning maps will help you with this.  There may also be other state government policies that apply.

Before you start designing and preparing your proposal, you need to know about:

Contact council for information as early as possible in the design process.  

Duty Officers

We have Duty Officers available during business hours that are able to answer general questions relating to the development process. Most initial questions can be answered over the phone but it is better to call in personally to our Customer Service Centre. We have trained staff that will be able to tell you about the relevant development standards and design guidelines and alert you to the constraints that you will need to consider in preparing your proposal.

Pre application discussion

Council has established a formal process for pre application discussions, which allows applicants to discuss more complex development proposals with an Environmental Assessment Officer.  This is a more formal meeting to discuss your development at length. It occurs before you lodge your application and a written record is kept.

To make this service worthwhile, we usually need a concept plan of the proposal. We also charge a fee for the service, based on a sliding scale depending on the proposal’s complexity.

Apply for a pre DA application discussion

Fees for a Pre Application Discussion (for financial year 2019/20)

Pre-Application Discussions (PAD) Cost*
Dwellings (up to 2) or development with a cost of work not exceeding $500,000  $390
Dwellings (3-14) or development with a cost of work between $500,000 and $2 million 
Dwellings (15- 49) or development with a cost of work between $2 million and $7 million 
Dwellings (50 or more) or development with a cost of work exceeding $7 million 
Land Title Search Fee - required for all applications   $52 per lot

* additional costs apply for printing plans and documents where pre application discussion applications are lodged via email - please refer to application form for specific charges

Design Review Forum (DRF)

Council has established a Design Review Forum (formerly the Architectural Review Advisory Panel) to provide professional advice to council regarding certain types of development within the Shire. The panel comments on design aspects of major commercial, industrial, residential and community development applications.

A pre application consultation with the panel is available, with a fee applying for this service.  

Apply for a pre DA application discussion with DRF

More about ARAP

Need approval from other agencies?

Your proposal may need approval from other government agencies.  Where possible, council can help you identify relevant agencies.  However, it is your responsibility to find out which approvals are required.

Agencies from which you may need an approval include:

We strongly recommend that you consult with the relevant agencies as early as possible.


Address: ,

More information

Policies and documents

DA Guide Consideration of Development Applications Submitted by Council Policy


DA Quotes Pre DA Meeting Pre DA Meeting with ARAP



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