Mansion Point Reserve - Playground Renewal

Replacement of the playground and relocation within the parkland reserve.

Works start date: Mar 2020

Works end date: Jun 2020

Documents / Plans: Community Notification.pdf (1MB)
Concept Plan.pdf
Consultation Summary Report.pdf (1.5MB)
FAQ Sheet.pdf

Works location: Corner of Mansion Point Rd and Kingfisher Cres, Grays Point View on map

Reason for works

The playground was originally installed in 1996.  The existing playground suffers from soft-fall washout regularly and the playground area is now affected by tree roots.

The community feedback from the consultation assisted Council to determine the playground option selected for this Reserve.  Thank you to all who got involved.

The new playground will provide more play opportunity and will improve the amenity for children and their carers.

Scope of works

The existing playground is nestled amongst a number of mature trees which are in good health. The existing equipment will be removed from the site, with the exception of the swings which are in good condition and will be retained.  The renewed playground will be constructed close to the existing trees whilst minimising disturbance to the tree root systems, which could have negative impacts upon tree health in the long term.

The works include:

  • Demolition and disposal of existing facility, make good
  • Earthworks
  • Drainage works
  • Construction of concrete paths, sandstone and timber walls, and timber edging
  • Installation of playground equipment
  • Installation of furniture, sandstone log steppers and drum stools
  • Provision of playground mulch
  • Landscaping works including tree planting and maintenance

Project schedule

The expected delivery milestones are:

  • Initiation – Complete
  • Community Consultation – October 2019 – Complete
  • Design – Complete
  • Procurement – November 2019 – Complete
  • Manufacture – December 2019 – Complete
  • Construction – March 2020 - Complete
  • Turf maintenance - May to June 2020 - In Progress


Public impacts during construction

Public impacts during construction:

  • The existing playground and part of the park will be fenced and closed during construction works.Access to the remainder of the park will be maintained.
  • There may be some inconvenience to parking and vehicular access whilst materials are delivered to site.
  • These works may create additional noise and dust during construction as we undertake this necessary upgrade.
  • Unauthorised vehicle parking within the Reserve will not be permitted.

We understand that this work may have an impact on the public and apologise for any inconvenience. We appreciate your cooperation and patience whilst we carry out these essential works.


This project is fully funded from Section 94 contributions.

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