Planning Certificate (149/10.7)

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 was entirely renumbered and reorganised on 1 March 2018. References to clauses within this Act were changed, including names of some certificates, applications and other services provided by Council.

To find out the zoning of a particular block of land, you can apply to council for a Planning Certificate (previously known as a 149(2) or 149(2)&(5) Certificate).

Apply for a Planning Certificate Part 2 ONLY (Previously 149(2)) 

Apply for a Planning Certificate Part 2 and 5 (Previously s149(2) and (5))

Planning Certificates are not issued on permissive occupancies or leases or licences over crown land. An online e-certificate covers one lot only, multiple lots will require multiple e-certificates.

What's on a certificate?

Planning Certificate (2) only

A Planning Certificate (2) only, will include details of:

  • The names of relevant local environmental plans, regional environmental plans, state environmental planning policies and development control plans.
  • The zoning and land uses that are permitted or prohibited within that zone.
  • Any development that has been declared state significant in relation to the land.
  • Whether the land is affected by section 38 or 39 of the Coastal Protection Act.
  • Whether the land is in a mine subsidence district.
  • Whether the land is affected by any road widening or road realignment proposals.
  • Whether the land is affected by a policy that restricts development because of the likelihood of land slip, bush fire, flooding, tidal inundation, subsidence, acid sulphate soils, or any other risk.
  • Whether the land is reserved for acquisition by a public authority.
  • The name of each contributions plan applying to the land.

A Planning Certificate (2) cannot be upgraded to a Planning Certificate (2) and (5), or a (5) ordered separately - please consider your needs prior to ordering your certificate

Planning Certificate (2) and (5) 

A Planning Certificate (2) and (5) allows council to include additional advice on any matter affecting the land of which it may be aware.

A Planning Certificate (2) and (5) certificate may include:

  • All the information contained in the (2) certificate 
  • Information on pool safety
  • Areas of Aboriginal Archaeological Sensitivity
  • lnformation on drainage
  • Information on land below MHWM
  • Outstanding Development contributions
  • Notice that the property adjoins a heritage item
  • Potential contamination information - whether the land has been used now or in the past for a potentially contaminating use.

A Planning Certificate (2) cannot be upgraded to a Planning Certificate (2) and (5), or a (5) ordered separately - please consider your needs prior to ordering your certificate

View zoning information on Shire Maps (N.B. Once on the Shire Maps page, you will need to change the map layer to 'Zoning SSLEP 2015').


Certificate type Cost
Planning Certificate Part 2 only $53
Planning Certificate Parts 2 and 5 $133
Copies of Planning Certificates $42
Section 603 $75
Section 735 - Outstanding Notices $133
Section 88G $35
Section 88G Urgent $90

More information about these certificates can be found under Buying and Selling a Property.


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Planning Certificate (2) Planning Certificate (2) and (5) Rates Certificate 603 Section 88G Certificate Section 88G Urgent Outstanding Notices Certificate Section 735A and Schedule 5 clause 41



Planning Certificate (2) Planning Certificate (2) and (5)

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