Tender Process

The canvassing of councillor's or council officers in regard to the tenders and expressions of interest will cause the potential applicant to be disqualified.

Tendering steps

Step 1 - Where are council tenders advertised?

Step 2 - Obtaining tender documents

  • Tender documents are only available from Vendor Panel
  • Some tenders may provide further instruction for purchase of plans, design details, Australian Standards etc.

Step 3 - Tender specifications

  • Decide whether you are able to provide the product/service
  • Read the section which provides specifications very carefully and familiarise yourself with the conditions of tendering and all specifications in order that you are able to provide the specified product/service in accordance with council’s terms and conditions

Step 4 - Understanding the terms and conditions of tender

  • The majority of council’s tenders have a similar format with exceptions being the formal contract document.  If in any doubt please contact council’s nominated officer and/or arrange for the tender to be reviewed by your legal representative.
  • All individuals and organisations lodging tenders with council must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and must be registered for good and services (GST) tax. All tenders must quote the ABN.
  • A non-conforming tender is one which either does not meet the terms and conditions of the tended, or fails to offer the goods and services specified. A non-conforming tender can be rejected for those reasons.

Step 5 - Completing your tender submission

  • All council tenders should include a section “Information to be supplied by tenderers” and all associated “Schedules”. Tenderers should follow the guidelines and must complete all schedules.
  • Tenderers who do not respond to all of the tender selection criteria or fail to answer all questions may be disadvantaged in the tender assessment process.

Step 6 - Tender selection criteria

  • All council tenders include a section which relates to the evaluation criteria upon which responses and ultimate selections are to be scored. Tenderers are advised to ensure that all information relating to the tender selection criteria is provided.
  • Tenderer’s responses to the tender selection criteria are scored and used to determine ultimate selection.

Step 7 - Tender closing time and date

  • The tender closing time and date nominated in the tender is the latest time by which tenders must be lodged. Tenders submitted later than the nominated time and date will be rejected and returned unopened, to the tenderer.
  • If a tenderer cannot meet the closing time and date, for lodgement of the tender, a tenderer may seek an extension in writing and before the deadline. If this is granted, it will be extended to all tenderers. Late tenders will not be considered.
  • There is no opportunity to negotiate after tenders have closed for the unsuccessful tenderers. Council reserves the right to negotiate with the successful tenderer on minor aspects of the tender proposal.

Step 8 - How to lodge your tender

Tenders can be lodged in two ways:

  • In the Tender Box located at council’s Administration Centre, ground floor, reception desk, 4–20 Eton Street, Sutherland; or
  • Submitted electronically via Vendor Panel.  Instructions on how to submit electronically can be downloaded with the tender document at Vendor Panel.  Instructions are also contained in council's Conditions of Tendering.

Statement of Business Ethics

Council’s employees and its service providers/customers are bound by a Statement of Business Ethics. This requires probity in all dealings including those conducted with prospective and/or successful service providers. Council has adopted the statement to ensure that functions are undertaken efficiently, impartially and with integrity.


To make an inquiry about a specific tender, contact the person stated on the tender page.

General enquiries relating to council’s overall tendering procedures may be directed to:

Procurement Coordinator - Sutherland Shire Council
Mr Bruce Renneberg
(02) 9710 0203 
email brenneberg@ssc.nsw.gov.au


Address: ,

More information

Policies and documents

Statement of Business Ethics Standard Conditions of Tendering Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Code of Conduct Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy


Enquiries can be directed to Procurement Coordinator on 9710 0203 or

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