Our Demographics Tell Us

Where we are now



  • 229,017 people called Sutherland Shire home in 2017
  • we grow, but not as fast as other parts of Sydney do - since 2011 our population has grown by 3% compared to the Greater Sydney area which has grown by 8.5%
  • we are a community of families - 38% of our households are couple families with children and 10% of our households are single parent families
  • community with a similar proportion of young people under 17 years as Greater Sydney
  • but we are also an ageing population - many more of us are older than 60 compared • to Greater Sydney
  • we are relatively affluent, 27% of our households earn over $2,500 per week
  • we have much lower unemployment than Greater Sydney (3.5% compared to 5.7%)
  • we love our cars - as a community we have much higher car ownership than Greater Sydney with 57% of households owning two cars or more (44% in Greater Sydney) and 18% owning three or more cars; over 60% of us travel to work in our cars
  • we love the Sutherland Shire - we have the lowest rate of departures of any council area in Sydney - only 4.3% of the Sutherland Shire residents moved out of the area in 2013/14 - half the average departure rate across Greater Sydney.

Where we will be in 10 years



  • we will have more people in Sutherland Shire. By 2026 our population will have grown by over 21,000 people to 250,269
  • there will be more homes. The number of dwellings is forecast to grow from the 83,709 we had in 2011 to 96,009 in 2026
  • at the same time, the average household size will fall. Currently there is an average of 2.69 people living in each home. This will drop to 2.66 by 2026 because our population is ageing
  • there will be an increase in the number of couple households without children
  • more of us will be retired. There will be a 45% increase in those of us old enough to retire
  • but there will also be more people working. There will be a 7% increase in the number of people of working age in Sutherland Shire
  • we are becoming more culturally diverse. While only 11.5% of our population speak a language other than English at home compared to 34% of people in Greater Sydney this is increasing over time
  • for the first time the largest increase in our population will be couple families without dependants.


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Enquiries can be directed to Strategy & Engagment Unit on 9710 0333 or ssc@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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