Invite the Mayor

The Mayor of Sutherland Shire welcomes invitations to attend community events within the region.

If you are looking to book the Mayor to attend your event, all invitations are to be submitted using the Online Mayoral Invitation Form, at least four weeks in advance of your event.

Please complete all of the fields within the Online Mayoral Invitation Form.  Prior to confirming the Mayor's availability, the Mayor’s office will require a confirmed event run sheet, full list of VIPs attending and details to be included in his/her speech.  You will then be notified via email if the Mayor (or a representing Councillor) has accepted your invitation.

Online Mayoral Invitation Form


If you would like the Mayor to deliver a speech, you will need the following information to complete the Online Mayoral Invitation Form:

  • Purpose of speech
  • Background information you would like the Mayor to refer to in his/her speech
  • Exact time within the proceedings the speech is to be made
  • Background of your organisation
  • Purpose of the function
  • Links to any other relevant information

Timing of functions

To help us plan the Mayor’s diary, we ask that you give some consideration to the most suitable arrival and departure times.  It may be important for the Mayor to arrive just before a formal opening or for the Mayor to arrive at a specific time during a function.  Please also advise the estimated duration of the function. It is extremely important to inform the Mayor’s office immediately if there is a change in timing for your event to what was indicated on the initial booking, as this may subsequently affect the Mayor's availability to attend your event.

Arriving at a function

The Mayor should be met by someone from your organisation and escorted to the event, seat or hall as appropriate.  We ask that you arrange for the Mayor to be introduced to other dignitaries and leaders of your organisation and briefed about the order of the proceedings.


Please advise within the Online Mayoral Invitation Form if a particular dress code is required.

To assist you with other protocol requirements for your event, you can view our Civic Protocol Guidelines below.

Civic Protocol Guidelines


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