Reporting suspicions of fraudulent or corrupt conduct

Anyone can use this form, including residents, visitors, members of the public and Council  employees. You can report any suspicions, concerns or allegations of fraud and corruption at Sutherland Shire Council by completing the form below.

To assist you to determine if your report relates to fraud and corruption please refer to the following definitions:

  • Fraud is intentional deception to secure a benefit.
  • Corrupt conduct is deliberate or intentional wrongdoing, not negligence or a mistake. It has to involve or affect a NSW public official or public sector organisation.

If a report is not considered to be related to fraud and corruption it may be referred to the relevant business area for review.

Providing your personal details can assist us in reviewing your report should we need further information. However, you do have the option to be anonymous by not providing your personal details. Any reports made in good faith will be treated with sensitivity.

The form has a series of questions for you to complete and allows you to add attachments, for example photographs or documents. Please provide as much information as possible as this will assist us with the review of your report.

Reporting suspicions of fraudulent or corrupt conduct

Reporting details

Are you a public official.

A public official is an individual who is an employee of or otherwise in the service of a public authority for example a Council employee.

* (required)

Do you wish to make a public interest disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1994?

The Public Interest Disclosure Act provides protection for public officials disclosing corrupt conduct, maladminstration, waste, government information contravention and local government pecuniary interest contravention in the public sector.

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Do you wish to provide your personal details?

Providing your details will allow us to email you a copy of your submission. It will also help us contact you should we require further information.

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Preferred method of contact? * (required)

Are you making this report on behalf of someone else? * (required)

Is this person aware that you are making this complaint?

Have you previously reported this issue? * (required)

To which person or agency?

Privacy Protection Notice
Purpose: To review a report about suspicions, concerns or allegations of fraud and corruption at Sutherland Shire Council
Intended recipients: Sutherland Shire Council staff/contractors.
Supply: Voluntary.
Access / correction: Public Officer

Privacy policy
Sutherland Shire Council is required to comply with the information protection principles in the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (PPIP Act). These principles regulate the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information held by government agencies. Generally, any personal information you provide to Council will only be used and/or disclosed for the Council's purposes, or a directly related purpose, unless you consent to another use or disclosure, in emergencies or as otherwise required or authorised by law.

Read council's Privacy Management Plan


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