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When: Wednesday and Friday


Cost :Free.  Booking Required

Where: Engadine Library
116E Caldarra Avenue, Engadine   Show Map

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Children's programs are back! But things are a little bit different. With the easing of restrictions, we invite you back to the library for our new hybrid program for children ages 0 to 6. Join us for stories, rhymes and fun as we enjoy each other’s company once more.

Each week there will be a different theme at your branch, but every session held during that week will be the same. This way we can give everyone a chance to attend and enjoy.

Read all of the points below before booking so you know how to book and what to expect.

  • Bookings are essential
  • Every person attending needs a ticket – babies, children and adults
  • You will need to show proof of your booking on arrival
  • You need to arrive 15 minutes before your session starts
  • You and your child(ren) must remain seated together for the duration of the session in the spots we’ll mark out for you
  • We won’t be making craft (just yet)
  • Numbers are very limited, please consider limiting the number of adults in your group to ensure greater participation opportunities can be offered to children
  • If you can’t make it to your session please cancel your booking so someone else can attend
  • If you book tickets but do not attend on more than two occasions, your subsequent bookings may be cancelled
  • Bookings open at 9am one week ahead of each session, for example, tickets for Tuesday sessions are available from 9am on the Wednesday before.
  • There is limited area for pram parking.

To help keep everyone safe, COVID Safe practices are also in place, this means…

  • You must check in on arrival at the library
  • We need you to sanitise your hands on entry
  • Keep 1.5 metres between yourself and others in the library
  • Staff are here to help, not to be hurt. Aggressive and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated

If you are from a preschool or day care and would like to visit to the library, please call Ingrid Micallef on 9710 0218.

Enquiries can be directed to Engadine Library on
phone 9548 6003

Smile! Your attendance at our events may be recorded through photographs/video. Images may be used on councils websites, publications, social media or newspapers. Please notify staff before the event if you do not want your image published. Photos and video may be taken at children’s events but only of your child/ren.

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