Code2Create | Term 4

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When: Mondays at 4:00pm

Next: Monday, 9 Dec 2019 at 4:00PM

Cost :Free.  Booking Required

Where: Sutherland Library
30-36 Belmont Street, Sutherland Show Map

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At Code2Create you can design and create games, program robots, and learn problem solving, critical thinking and team work. These classes will feature programming M-Bots and Ozobots using Scratch coding.

Code2Create will run every Monday afternoon during term 4. What parents and participants need to know:
1. Parents need to create a Scratch account for their child before the first class. Visit the Scratch website and click "Join Scratch".
2. Participants need to know the login for the Scratch account.
3. Participants need to be able to code at an intermediate to advanced level.
4. To ensure the safety of all participants, no food can be brought or consumed during the program.
5. Participants need their own device, laptops are preferred.           
For ages 7-14 years. Parents/Carers of children under 10 should remain in the Library during this activity. All other children should be collected promptly at the advertised finishing time.


Enquiries can be directed to Sutherland Library, Children & Youth on
phone 9710 0178

Smile! Your attendance at our events may be recorded through photographs/video. Images may be used on councils websites, publications, social media or newspapers. Please notify staff before the event if you do not want your image published. Photos and video may be taken at children’s events but only of your child/ren.