My Career Match

Find your perfect career – complete a short online survey and receive a personalised Career Report, Resume Guide and Online Resume Builder.

About My Career Match

15 minutes is all it takes to complete the My Career Match survey, which can help you:

  • Make the right decisions about your career and education
  • Match your natural strengths with jobs that best suit
  • Write a winning resume

After completing the survey you will receive an 8 page Career Report that includes:

  • Information about how to choose a career that’s right for you
  • A personality analysis and summary of your natural strengths & talents
  • A list of over 50 jobs that match what you would be good at
  • Links to the Australian Government’s MyFuture website to research each job listed
  • Your work related strengths and ideal work environment
  • Qualities you would bring to the job

In addition you get a 14 page Resume Guide that includes:

  • A winning resume template
  • How to target your resume using key words
  • How to highlight your key accomplishments and achievements
  • How to read a job ad and write a ‘stand out’ cover letter
  • How to use social media to build your career brand online
  • A resume checklist

My Career Match is based on proven behavioural and psychometric principals. Employment studies have shown that personality is a contributing factor for career success and the closer the behavioural match between you and the job requirements, the happier, more successful you will be.