Local Newspapers

Covering the early days of the Sutherland Shire onwards, our collection of local newspapers are a great source for historical research on the Shire.

Researching Local History in Newspapers

Over time, the library has selectively indexed articles from local newspapers.  You can use the following resources to explore the history of the Sutherland Shire through our local newspapers. You can see a complete  list of local newspapers in the collection in the library catalogue.

Important The following resources provide references only. To view the articles you will need to visit Sutherland Library to access the newspapers on microfilm.

card catalogue with open drawer

The #1 source of information about the history of the Sutherland Shire. Find people, places and events from the earliest days of the Shire onwards.

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collage of local Sutherland Shire newspapers: Engadine District News, The Messenger and The Leader

This index contains references to selected articles in local newspapers including the Leader, The Pictorial, Engadine District News and more from 1986 until 2013.

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