NoveList is a reader's guide to fiction and non-fiction. Find reading suggestions based on authors or titles you like, genres or styles.

Helping readers of all ages find just the right book to read, Novelist is the premier online database for reading recommendations. This comprehensive source of popular and professional book information includes expert recommendations, reviews, articles, lists and more. With information on over 260,000 fiction and readable nonfiction titles included, NoveList lets you use your favourite author to link to other books you might enjoy.

John Grisham fans can find more than 200 other legal thrillers they might like to read, and when Harry Potter is out, you can locate hundreds of fantasies with young heroes. 

NoveList also contains:

  • 600 hand-crafted Recommended Reads reading lists for adults, teens and kids covering both fiction and nonfiction genres and topics.
  • Coverage of over 9,000 fiction and nonfiction series (what's the next book in that series?)
  • 500 Book Discussion Guides including questions and answers and suggestions for further reading.
  • Over 1,850 searchable Award Lists.
  • Over 185,000 book cover images and nearly 36,000 First Chapter excerpts.