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Easter Bunny Necklace

Looking for something fun to do over the easter break? Make your own easter bunny necklace with our easy to follow instructions.


You will need:

2 x copies of the printed template

Coloured textas

Glue stick


Shredded paper

Ribbon or string

Decorative craft materials, such as googly / sticker eyes, pom poms, stickers – or anything else you have at home!


Step 1: On one of your printed templates, colour in the bunny shape.

Step 2: Using scissors, cut around your coloured bunny shape.

Step 3: Cut around a second bunny template and staple the two cut bunny shapes together. Staple only half way, leaving a pocket opening that we will fill with shredded paper later.

Step 4: There may be some paper overlapping between the two templates, so use a pair of scissors to trim any excess paper if needed.

Step 5: Add some eyes and a nose to your bunny. You may also wish to add whiskers and any other facial features too.

Step 6: Grab a small amount of shredded paper to stuff inside the face and ears of your bunny. With a stapler, finish stapling around the outside until closed.

Step 7: Finally, attach some ribbon or string on the back of the bunny face. Add any additional decorations like pom poms or stickers to finish your necklace.

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