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13 Feb 2016 - 3 Apr 2016

Showcased a selection of Higher School Certificate artworks.

The exhibition was a celebration of the amazing work by some of New South Wales’ most talented young artists. The works demonstrated diversity in concepts, sophisticated ideas and revealed extraordinary technical skills by 46 young artists from the Sutherland Shire and throughout NSW. The young artists addressed themes including: countering dystopias, environmental degradation both locally and globally, the impacts of colonisation on Indigenous culture and identity, questioning the gender binary, consumerism and market forces, women in war, personal journeys and identities, formal references to historical art movements and theory. Artworks ranged across a variety of media from a strong focus on drawing, to sculpture, ceramics, digital works, photomedia, painting and ceramics. Techniques referenced artistic conventions and explored diverse new methods.

Through her work Stolen, Shaylee Crimmins of Engadine High School referenced the “loss of Aboriginal identity due to colonisation”. Shaylee stateed: “I have taken artists’ depictions of the Australian landscape through the years of development to portray the land as stolen, challenging our society’s willingness to recognise Aboriginal culture.”

Through his own views and experience, as well as the memories and understanding of those around him, Cronulla High School student Joshua Lee exploreed concepts around perceptions of developing countries through photomedia in his work Bound by Perception.

Exploring personal identity and social values, Sarah Jane Greenstein of Kirrawee High School stateed: “While studying ‘Hamlet’ for my HSC, I was entranced by the concept of putting up a facade to mask one’s real self and emotions. My artwork explores the way in which teenagers today create these masks in order to protect themselves from the critical views of society.”

More information on the works in the exhibition, and the work that went into creating them, can be found at ARTEXPRESS 2016 - Student Works.





ARTEXPRESS is a joint venture of the NSW Department of Education and the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW, hosted by Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre.

Image: Shaylee Crimmins, Engadine HS, Stolen (detail), 2015, collection of works.

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