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Hazelhurst Art On Paper Award

30 May 2015 - 26 Jul 2015

Showcased outstanding art created with, on or about paper.

The winner of the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2015 was Glen Clarke. The judges, leading local artists George Gittoes, Alexander McKenzie and Ildiko Kovacs, declared Glen Clarke the winner of the $15,000 award at the opening of the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2015 exhibition. Glen’s winning entry (pictured above), was titled Peace Keeper, and was made from folded shirts from paper $US and Iraqi Dinar and cotton thread. The artist said “Peace Keeper is just another irreverent whimsical attempt at discrediting or making fun of war and weapons, Give Peace a Chance, Make Love Not War. Just Spreading The Love.”


The Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2015 also featured The Young and Emerging Artist prize of $5,000, which was won by Becc Ország with her work titled Rehearsal for all are equal and all may be crowned emperor (pictured above), a work using graphite, carbon and charcoal pencil on layered watercolour paper. The Packers Prize of an artist residency at Hazelhurst was won by Teo Treloar with Black Geometry (pictured below), a pencil on paper work.


The Friends of Hazelhurst Local Artist prize of $5,000 was won by Louisa Chircop (pictured below) with her work titled Interior Monologue–Carousel of Slaughter, which explored ideas about one’s own uncertainty, spawning images that have both a sense of selfreflective ambiguity and simultaneously embody a universal picture of morality, spirituality and physicality. The work served as a reminder that life is a constantly moving force and parallels the act of creativity itself. 


Over 1500 entries by 760 artists were received with 93 artists selected for the exhibition and judging.

The 2015 Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award attracted over 1500 entries by more than 750 artists. Below is a list of the artists selected to have work appear in the exhibition, which appeared in both the Regional and Community Gallery:

Belinda Allen, Connie Anthes, Cath Barcan, Harriet Body, Gloria Bohorquez, Marinka Bozzec, Matt Bromhead, Vicky Browne, Leah Bullen, Penelope Cain, Gary Carsley, Michelle Cawthorn, Louisa Chircop, Glen Clarke, Justin Cooper & Connie Anthes, Leo Coyte, Sam Cranstoun, Marguerite Derricourt, Shoufay Derz, Christine Druitt-Preston, Helen Eager, Brian Farmer Illortaminni, Aaron Fell-Fracasso, Robert Fielding, Simon Finn, Todd Fuller, Ashleigh Garwood, Lisa Giles, Gilbert Grace, Michelle Hamer, Geoff Harvey, Gabriella Hirst, Mark Hislop, Locust Jones, Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Deborah Kelly, Gladdy Kemarre, Ralf Kempken, Karena Keys, Martin King, Eveline Kotai, Joanna Lamb, Christopher Lawrie, Sonia Leber & David Chesworth, Hyun-Hee Lee, Owen Leong, Wendy Loefler, Fiona MacDonald, Kate Mackay, Nongirrnga Marawili, Daniel McKewen, Fiona McMonagle, Tonee Messiah, Jennifer Mills, Matthew de Moiser, Rose Montebello, Stephanie Monteith, Joel Moore, Helen Mueller, Idris Murphy, Mylyn Nguyen, Adam Norton, Catherine O'Donnell, Indigo O'Rourke, Becc Ország, Elena Papanikolakis, Patsy Payne, Izabela Pluta, Tom Polo, Marlaina Read, Brian Robinson, Joan Ross, Lisa Sammut, Edgar Schilter, Camille Serisier, Peter Sharp,Liz Shreeve, Sally Smart, Nicola Smith, Paul Snell, Laura Stark, Neridah Stockley, Abdullah M I Syed, Sherna Teperson, Ioulia Terizis, Teo Treloar, Justine Varga, Paul White, Amanda Williams, Paul Williams, Sandra Winkworth, Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria, Zuza Zochowski.

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Images: 1Glen Clarke Peace Keeper, folded shirts from paper US$ and Iraqi Dinar and cotton thread. Photo: Silversalt. 2. Becc Ország Rehearsal for all are equal and all may be crowned emperor (detail), graphite, carbon and charcoal pencil on layered watercolour paper. 3. Teo Treloar Black Geometry (detail), pencil on paper. 4. Louisa Chircop Interior Monolgue – Carousel of Slaughter (detail), mixed media on Arches, 29 x 77 cm each. Photo: Silversalt.

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