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Chrisitna Lanigan

The McDonald College

Arrival: Postcards to Hokusai


Solar plate etching, collage

My body of work is a journey across Japan, reflecting on views of the rural landscape, the experience of a new culture and of travelling away from home. I was inspired by Japanese woodblock printer Hokusai and his compositional innovation in Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji. I incorporated the Japanese icon of Mount Fuji, elements of cherry-blossom, repeated landscape and cloud patterns typical of Ukiyo-e prints. Using solar-plate etching and collage I explored Japanese pattern, while contemporary elements pay homage to the graphic conventions of Saudi Arabian artist Jowhara AlSaud. My work represents a continual and connected journey of cultural experience.



ARTEXPRESS is a joint partnership between The New South Wales Department of Education and NSW Education Standards Authority  in association with Hazelhurst Arts Centre.

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