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Karina Gabriella Camenzind

Loreto Kirribilli

Paradise Lost


Gouache, acrylic

I wanted my work to represent a dystopia; a contemporary moment where nature and humankind are alienated from one another. Inspired by Chinese contemporary artist Bu Hua, the dystopian theme incorporates an ‘alter ego’. In each of the six gouache paintings she encounters the ‘chaos of modern development’, like telegraph wires or factory chimneys. The small faceless figure is confronted by a decorative natural landscape, inspired by Cressida Campbell. The two acrylic canvases appropriate elements from traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock and Australian 1950s prints to symbolise urbanisation and modernisation, pinpointing the moment when alienation from the natural world began. 

ARTEXPRESS is a joint venture of the NSW Department of Education and Communities and the Board of Studies, Teaching & Education Standards NSW, hosted by Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre.

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