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Isabella Imogen Constance Gullifer-Laurie

New England Girls’ School

Women, I–XXIV


Pencil, graphite, archival pen, felt-tipped pen, marker, charcoal, compressed charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, oil stick, Indian ink, whiteout, tissue paper, newspaper on paper on mountboard

Piecing together a visual language consisting of repetitive mark-making, scratching, accumulated lines and abstract sketches, my work has been an attempt to resolve the awkward relationship between space and emptiness, yet also the figurative elements of the female form and streetscapes. I hope that, like the women of Jean-Luc Godard’s early films, the individuals in my drawings are sensual, but not erotic, with the sum total of lines an expression of subtle aggression and overt solitude. Their legs, hair, breasts and sex merge into the welter of industrial structures to produce intimate images of ‘women’.

ARTEXPRESS is a joint venture of the NSW Department of Education and Communities and the Board of Studies, Teaching & Education Standards NSW, hosted by Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre.

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