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Brittany Gilchrist

Loreto Normanhurst

Organic Harvest


BRT clay, white paper clay, Cesco and Deco underglaze, Deco clear gloss glaze, post-fired paint

Organic Harvest explores bioethical issues related to the trade of organs for transplantation. Although imparting the invaluable gift of life, demand and stretching waiting lists have resulted in an illegal organ trade – the ‘Red Market’. Merging ‘organic’ forms of plant life with the body’s organs, my work seeks to highlight the repercussions of biotechnology on society. With the development of tissue engineering and biological printing, maybe Mary Shelley wasn’t that far off in her novel Frankenstein. Rather than relying on harvesting organs from living hosts, perhaps in the future they could be grown – ripe for picking. 

ARTEXPRESS is a joint venture of the NSW Department of Education and Communities and the Board of Studies, Teaching & Education Standards NSW, hosted by Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre.

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