Tune in to Yoga - Mental Health Month 2020

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This free workshop is organised as part of mental health month. The theme for this year's mental health month is 'Tune In'. Tuning In means being present, being aware of what's happening within you and in the world around you. Tune In to your senses and take a moment to help still and focus your mind, as well as build positive connections. 

Instructor Information
As a passionate health and fitness professional Rachael Rogan's experience ranges across disciplines challenging both the mental and physical body.
An accomplished Yoga Teacher since 2005, Personal Trainer and Mindfulness Presenter.
Her spectrum of exercise experience runs wide-in working with a variety of different clients-
Corporate- 8 years with Westpac, 3 years with Pinnacle Health, Earnst and Young, BT, ANZ
Government- TAFE NSW, ATO and Illawarra Health Services
Community services - New Horizons and Pole Depot
Disabilities- Aspect Australia, Civic Lifestyle and Sylvanvale
Children- St John Bosco College, Heathcote Highschool and Moorefield Girls Highschool
Her earlier career in the corporate sector as a web consultant gave her insight into the pressures and challenges that most are faced with on a day-to-day level and how practising Mindfulness and Yoga is self-sustaining.
Rachael was drawn to Yoga at the early age of 11 years of age and is well versed in many eastern and western mindfulness and yoga disciplines, after extensive travel and time spent in Nepal and Northern India.
Rachael believes in letting the clients guide the presentation/class, collaboratively, and enjoys sharing her understanding of Yoga and Mindfulness meditation with others, under the premise that effective communication, physical challenges and story sharing is at the heart of any mutually beneficial relationship no matter the person or organisation.
What the session will entail
Gentle Flow
A nurturing, gentle class appropriate for beginners and those who have an ongoing Yoga practice.
Starting with "breath-synchronized movement,"  awareness of breath in a series of movements that smoothly flow to relax the body and quiet the mind.
Then working with long held poses, which enables a deeper stretch, without strain.
This is a great practice for those of us that are constantly 'doing'. The class is 'down time', time for the mind and body to settle into a state of ease.
What participants will learn from the session
To increase physical strength, coordination and balance
To experience internal harmony and ease with deep relaxation and breath work.
What you will need
A yoga mat, kick off your shoes and tune in to your willingness to relax.

More information


Enquiries can be directed to Community Services on or communities@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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