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Improve your circulation, balance and health with these simple tai chi movements and gentle breathing guided by professional tai chi teacher Stephen Procter from Tai Chi Health for Life within the comfort of your own home.    

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Instructor Information

Stephen Procter is a full time tai chi and mindfulness meditation teacher and shares his experience with the Sutherland Shire and overseas through classes, talks and seminars.


Stephen is a registered in-door tai chi student in the sixth generation of Wu style tai chi and has been teaching tai chi for nearly 20 years.


Stephen is also the founder of Tai chi Health for Life, a free online tai chi classroom and the MIDL Mindfulness meditation system, a 1 year free online meditation course enjoyed by people around the world.


Stephen is a prolific writer, enjoys sharing his knowledge as well as spending time with friends and family.


In his own words Stephen talks of his journey from the age of 12.

“From a very young age I had a fascination with martial arts and meditation, I was attracted to the idea that we had the potential to better ourselves, to mould the type of person that we could become. To my young mind the idea that we had the power to shape ourselves served as a strong attraction and led to the starting of my study.


It has been a long and enjoyable journey now spanning over 40 years, one that I look forward to continuing each day. I still feel the passion of what tai chi and meditation can bring to our lives. This passion is what I want to share with you, the ability for you to create who you are, to become responsible for your own physical and mental health and to live a long and happy life.”

What the session will entail

This class is suitable for all levels of tai chi experience.
* You begin with a warm up increasing mobility of movement within your body.
* You will then learn a beautiful flow of movement to increase your circulation and balance.
* In the third part of the session we will join together in some traditional tai chi movements.
* We finish with a self massage to increase energy and sense of well-being.

What participants will learn from the session

How to improve circulation, coordination and balance through gentle movement.
How to find relaxation within movement, develop mindfulness and a sense of well being.

What you will need

All you need is a small space, comfortable clothing and a willingness to relax and enjoy yourself. 

More information


Enquiries can be directed to Community Services on or communities@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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