Tune in to Nutrition - Mental Health Month 2020

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This free workshop is organised as part of mental health month. The theme for this year's mental health month is 'Tune In'. Tuning in means being present, being aware of what's happening within you and in the world around you. Tune In to your senses and take a moment to help still and focus your mind, as well as build positive connections. 

Did you know that junk food can shrink your brain? Science has discovered  that the part of the part that regulates mental health, learning & memory (the hippocampus) is smaller in people who eat a diet high in junk and processed foods! 

Did you know that the amazing bugs and microbes that live in your gut weigh as much as your brain? 

Our gut really is our second brain and what we eat and how our gut feels can play a huge role in our mental health as the gut and the brain talk to each other all the time, if you want to learn how they chat to each other, join us to learn more about this and have your food questions answered!  

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Enquiries can be directed to Community Services on or communities@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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