Using the Mobi Mat

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Using the Mobi Mat

When using the Mobi  Mat and Beach Wheelchairs a demonstration will be provided to you by one of our lifeguards. 

For the safety and convenience of users and other beach goers, some conditions apply to the use of the Mobi Mat:

  • The Mobi Mat will need to be booked one day prior for set up and can only be used during times when lifeguards are on duty and conditions permitting.
  • The maximum length of booking time is 4 hours per person.
  • A support person must be present to assist the user at all times.
  • The user/support person has the responsibility to look after the Mobi Mat at all times.
  • The user and/or support person must read and sign the use policy before the beach wheelchair can be given to you.
  • The user/support person must return the beach wheelchair (if used) to the storage facility and inform the lifeguard that it has been returned.



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