Do you need a Medical Management Plan form?

Medical Management Plans are a regulatory requirement and provide our Educators with the information required to best meet your child's medical needs. You will need to complete a Medical Management Plan if:

  • your child is new to Sutherland Shire Council Vacation Care and has been diagnosed with a medical condition.
  • has recently been diagnosed with a medical condition and this is the first Vacation Care period since the diagnosis.
  • your child's current plan is out-of-date, or will be out-of-date in the holiday period you are booking in for (plans need to be updated every 12 months)
  • your child's medical condition has changed or the management of the condition has changed.

Medical conditions include asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes, an allergy requiring medication on contact allergen, etc.

All Medical Plans must be updated annually or as any changes to your child's medical condition or management of the condition occur.

The form can be accessed at Medical Management Plan

Our Vacation Care Director will contact you to clarify the details and discuss the management of the condition. There may be further information or forms to be completed and collected at this time (e.g. Asthma action plan or medication form). Once all forms and information are completed, we provide these to our Educators located in the centre your child is booked into, ensuring they are familiar with your child's condition and the management of the condition.

Please contact our Customer Service team on 9710 0466 if you have any queries regarding whether a Medical Management Plan form is required.


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