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So what does your industry look like? What does your local community look like?


Having a thorough knowledge of this will help you with business planning and will give you a competitive edge.    

Sutherland Shire Council has partnered with .id to give local businesses access to a FREE planning tool to help you with business planning, forecasting and finding business opportunities. Access the .ID tools to find your next opportunity here.


Find your local economic profile…

Access local economic data in a granular form such as industry sector analysis, local employment data, household income/expenditure, qualifications, building approvals, journey to work and much more.

Find your local community profile...

Access demographic analysis include population, age structure, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, income, qualifications, occupations, employment, unemployment, disability, disadvantage, volunteering, childcare, family structure, household structure, housing tenure, mortgage and rental payments, and the size and type of the dwellings people live in.

Find your local community forcast...

Find suburb forecasts on population, age structure and household types and how they will change between now and 2036.

Find your social atlas…

Find your thematic map that shows how particular population groups (elderly, youth, disadvantaged, students, public transport users etc) are distributed across your suburb.


Other Economic Data


IBIS World

IBIS World provides industry-specific market research, industry risk ratings, company research and business environment analysis.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Bureau of Statistics is Australia's national statistical agency, providing official statistics on a wide range of economic, social, population and environmental matters.



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More information


Enquiries can be directed to Sutherland Shire Council's Economic Development Unit on 9710 0892 or economicdevelopment@ssc.nsw.gov.au

Economic Data 20118.JPG

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