Are you a local business (or do you know a local business) who has risen to the current COVID-19 challenge and is doing epic work right now?

We know our local businesses are creative, innovative and resilient in the face of adversity and we can't wait to celebrate their awesomeness!

In no more than 150 words tell us: - The challenge faced since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. E.g a forced closure, reduction in sales, supply chain issues AND  - The ways in which the business has innovated, adapted or pivoted in response to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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'Within hours of the announcement after Covid-19 hit, the majority of our business was no longer able to trade resulting in a significant decline in our clientele. Innovation was therefore essential for survival, and to ensure we could continue reach the most vulnerable in our community. We innovated in a way that gradually allowed the ability to start servicing our clients within the clinic after implementing and following strict distancing and hygiene procedures. This only resulted in small uptake, thus further innovation was required. We then took our services online via telehealth and our a virtual online program. This program continues to evolve, currently comprising of online group training, nutritional information, community engagement via virtual ‘coffee catch-ups’ and a tailored home-based program. This program remains free and we aim to continue the program after the pandemic finishes'



We provide home nursing, patient transport and day trips for seniors, as well as business health programs. Since COVID-19 our Day Tripper program has been put on hold. When we were unable to take our clients out and about, we immediately began our “Are you OK?” program checking in weekly with our clients by phone offering to help drop off essentials. Many of our patient transport clients reside in aged care facilities and have not be able to go on their usual shopping and family visits. We have been able to redeploy nurses from our Day Tripper program and patient transport service into our home nursing non-profit side of the organisation. Thanks to government and club funding as well as extra precautions, we have been able to continue our mobile home nursing service. Given the current health concerns, we have seen exponential growth in our on-site business flu vaccination program.



 ‘Whilst we are closed for treatments, our hearts have remained very much open through this time! We have 'pivoted' the format of our business and now offer Virtual 3D Skin Consults and Make Up Tutorials, as well as follow on Virtual Guided Facials through zoom to educate you on your home self-care routine more than ever. This has allowed us to connect with people from afar as well as loyal clients that have moved away, whilst also serving our special local community. We have delivered skincare and been able to enrol in courses and training to a new level that wasn't possible before’



‘At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown period, my jobs were all postponed. I then started to host a weekly Webinar for free to the community and I’m now in my fifth week.  I’ve also created a private Facebook Group called ‘SophieCoffeeToffee Photography Chats’ and the sessions are held weekly on a Tuesday at 9.30am. I also started the ‘Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business’ Facebook page and Instagram profile’



 ‘During this time we have moved online and are offering 16 sessions a week at a very reduced price. We closed business just before we were shut down by the government and we were online the next day! We wasted no time and clients simply went from one format to another overnight. The quality of our work has meant that most clients made the move with us. We do however look forward to being back and doing what we do so well’



‘We have had our doors closed for over  month but have created a personal shopping experience for our VIP customers. “Shop By Appointment” was born due to Covid19. It’s been a learning curve to help transform them to online and using social media however we had no other choice with the stores being closed. We promote live videos on social media and get our clientele interested and making appointments from the fashion we promote online. We have an online store for Bay Road Clothes’



‘Since Covid-19 many of my clients have been unable to attend face-to-face counselling, hence I have adapted to their needs by offering video/phone consultations, as well as walk-and-talk therapy sessions (whilst adhering to social distancing regulations). Clients have responded well to these changes, and I feel blessed to be able to continue to support them during these challenging times’ 



‘We usually combine coach transportation, accommodation, meals & activities for day trips, overnight stays, weekends away & midweek getaways. At this difficult time we are advising clients of cancelled & rescheduled events. Our ENews provides on-line options for entertainment whilst in isolation. These include puzzles, sport, theatre, exhibitions, museums & virtual tours, concerts, opera, dance, live car racing, plays, quiz’s, virtual wine tasting, virtual zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums & farms visits, online classes, workshops, & tutorials, & staying active. We believe in giving people something to help get them through each day & to also look forward to in the near future’



 ‘On March 22nd, non-essential travel was banned. Our Mudgee accommodation saw 100% cancellation of bookings in April and now May. Our target market suddenly changed from tourists seeking a weekend of good food and wine to essential business travellers. To over-come this challenge we developed non-contact check in, changed our terms and conditions of stay, corporate travel discounts, changed our marketing focus, introduced mini-bar non-contact delivery, advertised that our linen is professionally dry cleaned to meet infection control standards, all staff completed Convid-19 infection control courses and developed post-Corona travel vouchers valid up to 3 years’



 "As a restaurant and bar in current times the impact on all of our businesses are borderline insurmountable, thus we are forced to do what we can and change the fabric of our business. We are a Caribbean/Texan BBQ located in Cronulla, we have been a part of the shire small business community for 5 years and plan on hanging around for many more. To keep our heads above water we now offer contactless delivery of Cocktails and ‘limited Covid-time only’ bento box style Indonesian food offer consisting of Nasi Goreng, Beef rendang, lamb curry, spiced chicken, stir fried Asian veg and sweet tofu stir fry. This adaptation has helped us keep our community employed"



 "Inspiration Dance Academy is a Sutherland Shire Dance and Music school that has been affected by the Covid 19 virus forcing us to shut our physical doors to the public in March 2020.  We have been able to teach all our lessons through our online system giving our students the benefits throughout this time such as social interaction, physical activity, a sense of belonging and something to look forward to each week.  It gives them some normality in this tricky time.  We cant wait to see everyone back in the studio but in the meantime it is great we can see them each week through our online classes and keep in touch with what is happening in their lives as these people have become our family"



 "We continue to operate but business has been challenged by current social distancing restrictions which do not allow group gatherings. As a result, we have adjusted the way we deliver training.  Minimum numbers have been reduced so we can deliver training to individuals or family groups.  Training can be delivered to clients at their chosen venue – either a business or private premises adhering to social distancing requirements.  We take every measure to ensure the training environment and equipment are appropriately disinfected and protective equipment such as gloves; masks and hand sanitiser are provided. In addition, we have introduced the option of online training or video conferencing via Zoom.  We offer flexibility and will do whatever it takes for our clients to ensure their training requirements are met"



 "The role of the Sutherland Shire Business Chamber is primarily to support local businesses via advocacy, networking and education. Prior to COVID-19 we would do this by hosting a monthly Business Breakfast with guest speakers on topics relevant to the business community as well as a monthly After 5 Drinks Networking event.  As events are a major focus for us we have had to divert our attention to virtual online events which we have been successfully hosting for a number of weeks now.
The Sutherland Shire Business Chamber host a fortnightly Speaker Series event with various industry experts sharing their insights on relevant business topics. In addition, we host fortnightly After 5 Drinks which is predominantly a networking event and has become increasingly popular. At this event we have adopted for the virtual Break Out rooms feature to split attendees up into smaller groups to allow connection on a deeper level.  The use of Zoom conferencing has allowed us to reach a wider network of businesses and provides an opportunity for us to support and maintain connection during this difficult time."



 "Right now we’re seeing some small businesses really struggling to be seen and heard online. Struggling to use social media effectively to promote their business. This is something we can help with. The digital brand consult consists of an online review of the business’s digital presence and a 30-minute consultation by phone, Skype or Zoom chat. It's our way of supporting local businesses the best way we can. We’re doing this because we love our local community. There are so many great local businesses that we want to see come out of this crazy time, intact and in business.”



 "Challenge faced- Business closure and loss of 2 part-time art teaching jobs. I am teaching watercolour virtually. I have adapted my teaching studio in Sylvania for virtual video so that the camera looks directly at me and changed the wall behind me for viewers to see helpful arty stuff. I’ve subscribed to Zoom and ordered a second video camera so I can demonstrate the steps to painting watercolour."



 "My business name is Lighten up fitness and I teach Yoga and mindfulness meditation within Yoga studios and Gyms. The current situation of being distanced from my yoga clientele has enabled me to investigate- "Whats next". Firstly, I believe that my very loyal and supportive clientele required my service, more than ever. The knowledge to conduct online services emerged. I have been teaching Yoga and meditation online with Zoom and receiving great feedback."



 "'I am a local sole trader of a small business called ‘Teaching Tools for Tots’ and I run workshops and webinars for educators and parents around the Shire and Sydney.  Covid-19 has affected my business as I can no longer run workshops for educators and parents which is a main component of my business. To adapt to these changes and to help others I am running free webinars for parents in the hope I can help them with homeschooling. Through my facebook page I am also sharing a range of fun and engaging ideas and activities to occupy and help children with learning. I am still running webinars for educators and will offer them more regularly in the hope to continue my business through this difficult stage."










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