Outdoor Eating Areas

Who can apply for an Outdoor Eating Area

If you are a cafe or restaurant owner and are wanting to use the footpath area outside your shop to place tables and chairs. Businesses must have and maintain public liability insurance with a minimum cover of $20 million.

Do I need Council Approval?

Yes. You must obtain approval for your outdoor eating area. The area you are requesting approval for will be assessed to check that it is suitable. The approval of the outdoor eating areas is based on the width of the footpath, the need to provide an unimpeded corridor for safe pedestrian movement and the parking and traffic situation adjacent to the kerb line.

Permissible Locations

Outdoor dining is only permitted in Zones B1 Neighbourhood Centre, B2 Local Centre or B3 Commercial Centre.


The application fee is $280. Due to current circumstances, as part of Councils Covid-19 relief package, Outdoor Eating rental fees will be waived until 30 June 2021.

When can I place my tables and chairs out?

The hours of operation are restricted to the hours indicated in the development consent for the adjoining food premises. Where the hours have not been stated the outdoor eating area can be used between 7:00am and 10:00pm.

What sort of furniture can I use?

All furniture used must comply with Australian Standard 1170. The design of chairs, tables and umbrellas shall be visually attractive and be of high quality. Colours and styles shall be in accordance with any Environmental specification for a centre or locality. Umbrellas shall be safely anchored and fixed to tables to ensure stability in wind gusts.

What happens if my application is approved?

If approval is given you will receive an approval letter confirming the approved area and rental fee. You will be asked to pay a security deposit equivalent to 3 months rental and your first rental fee.
You can elect to pay your fee annually, quarterly or monthly.

How long does my approval last?

Approvals are issued for up to a 2 year period. Renewals are sent at the end of each financial year.

Temporary Outdoor Eating Approval

Council is providing temporary approval under the Roads Act 1993 for businesses to expand trading on the public footpath/space. This additional space can be approved for additional tables and chairs to be utilised for outdoor dining.

Online Application for temporary outdoor eating permit

Application for outdoor eating area permit


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More information

Policies and documents

Schedule of Fees and Charges


Enquiries can be directed to Land Management Officer on 9710 0848. or

Outdoor eating area permit

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