Transition to the National Broadband Network

The nbn broadband access network is being rolled out across Australia and presently 6.3 million Australians can access a service over the nbn broadband access network. 1.9 million of those are in New South Wales.

The ways in which access to fast broadband may help your business excel in the modern marketplace are extensive. Whether it be for worldwide distribution, cloud-based computation, high-definition communication, virtual workspaces, improved marketing or simply a fast relationship with customers and stakeholders; the opportunities are almost endless.

To ensure a smooth transition to the nbn network with minimal disruption to daily operations, consider the following steps:

Step 1: Make sure your business is ready to connect by visiting a step-by-step guide to connecting your business.

Step 2: Notify your preferred phone or internet provider of your intention to switch to a plan over the nbn network and that you want your internet to continue working during the migration.

Step 3: Establish the telecommunications and data services your business requires. These services could include ATMs, EFTPOS terminals, unified communications, cloud services, fax machines or multiple phone lines.

Step 4: Establish the business equipment you want connected to the network. This could include security systems, fire alarms, medical alarms, printers or data backup solutions.

Step 5: Contact the providers of both your telecommunications and data services, and your business equipment to make sure they are compatible with services over nbn access network.

Step 6: If you’re a small business or one operating out of home, consider the best installation spot and optimal Wi-Fi coverage conditions ahead of the migration.

Step 7: Compare your business plan options, and make sure you talk about your needs from Step 3 and Step 4 with your desired phone or internet provider to ensure you get the right speed and download package.

Step 8: Make the switch, prior to copper disconnections.



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