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With 8 million Australians (90% of our workforce) actively using LinkedIn, this platform is a powerful way to connect with potential customers, particularly for B2B enterprise. So, are you leveraging this power or are you still using your LinkedIn Profile as an online resume? Using LinkedIn as a lead generator should be an integral part of your sales and marketing strategy. Here are the 5 keys for getting big results for your small business through your LinkedIn Profile: 

1. Quality vs Quantity 

Connecting with others on LinkedIn, particularly in the early days of having a profile, was simply a matter of accepting every single connection request that came across your screen. With an attitude of “not wanting to offend anyone” and an eagerness to quickly build hundreds of connections, many users now have a network of people who are way outside of their target market. Why is this a problem?  

People who don’t know you personally, or have never worked with you, are unlikely to recommend you when someone in their network is looking for your skillset. Having quality connections in your network (i.e. those within your target market and industry) trumps a massive quantity of connections, every time. So, ensure the connections you are making are going to be an asset to your business and your sales objectives. Actively seek to connect with those in your target market. 

2. Content is King 

We hear this all the time and often shy away from embracing it out of fear, not having the time to write original content, or not quite believing that Content really is King. 

So, let’s be clear - content doesn’t just mean you need to write insightful articles that are likely to go viral and hail you as the guru of your industry. Simply commenting on other articles in your network and sharing articles of interest from other reputable sites starts you engaging with your network. The more you engage, the more visible you are – you are then more likely to be front of mind for those looking for the products and services you provide. 

3. A Sales Document, not a Resume

For SMEs, your LinkedIn Profile shouldn’t look like a Resume, rather it should be working hard as a Sales Document, targeted to your ideal customer. LinkedIn Ninja Down Under’s expert, Jillian Bullock puts it perfectly when she says, “Your profile will either compel or repel your ideal prospect.” 

Size up your own profile by asking yourself these four important questions: 

a) Is your profile about you? 

b) Can a reader learn all they need to know about you as a business person without going to your website? 

c) Is it clear who your target market is? 

d) Does it eliminate the “tyre kickers” (those who will take up most of your time for little gain)? 

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, then that is your signal to take action and optimise your profile for your target market. 

4. Personalising Connection Requests

If you accept that quality connections far outweigh the quantity of your connections, then this point is invaluable. When sending a connection request, it pays to take the time to write a personal note to go with the request. Something as simple as “I see you are connected with James Smith from XYZ who I know really well. I noticed on your profile that you specialise in bookkeeping software for the medical industry, and I have a few questions. Can we connect so I can ask more?” makes the recipient sit up and take notice of your request, amongst a sea of non-personalised requests. 

5. Use the search function and filters to find prospects 

Are lawyers your target audience? Make sure you’re searching LinkedIn for people with those keywords in their title, along with other associated phrases. In this case, “solicitors” or “mediators” may also be helpful searches. Then, it’s time to make the filters work to your advantage. Select 2nd degree connections, and then filter by city and you’ll soon find that the quality of your potential network improves dramatically. 

Leveraging LinkedIn as an integral part of your sales force is easy, but often misunderstood. 


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