Trees on Neighbour’s Property

Overhanging branches

  • First, talk to your neighbour to ask permission to prune the overhanging branch.
  • If you are pruning less than 10% of the tree, you do not need council approval.
  • Any costs associated with tree pruning or removal needs to be negotiated with your neighbour.

Trees blocking views

  • First, talk to your neighbour.
  • There is nothing council can do in regards to a neighbour tree blocking a view.
  • If escalated, can proceed to independent mediation or the Land Environment Court (council does not get involved).

Trees on neighbours property causing damage or overhanging my property

  • Assessment of the tree pruning or removal needs to come from the property owner that the tree is on.
  • Talk to your neighbour and ask your neighbour to lodge an application to council to assess the tree for pruning or removal.
  • If your neighbour is unwilling to cooperate you can pursue action through the Land and Environment Court.
  • In extreme circumstances of immediate threat to property, you can contact council for assessment and possible enforcement of action. 

Apply for tree removal or pruning on private property

 Bushfire threat

  • Talk to your neighbour to discuss their bushfire management plan, and possible pruning of overhanging branches etc.
  • If your neighbour is unwilling to remove foliage, you can request the RFS to carry out a bushfire threat assessment.


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Policies and documents

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Tree removal or pruning on private property



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Track the status of my tree application

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