Trees on Council or Public Land

Removal or pruning

Council is responsible for the pruning and removal of trees and other vegetation on public land, including parks and nature strips.

Request an inspection of a tree on public land

Council may prune or remove trees on council land to:

  • Remove lower branches for pedestrian and vehicular access.
  • Remove deadwood and defective branches.
  • Remove branches that come in contact with adjoining buildings or structures.
  • Formative prune.
  • Root prune to prevent further damage to built structures that have been appropriately engineered in the first place, where practicable.
  • Clear sight lines as per RMA requirements and signage.
  • Remove hazardous trees.

Council will not prune or remove trees on council land to:

  • Improve or allow a view.
  • Allow solar access or for solar panel installation clearance.
  • Reduce leaf, bark and fruit fall.
  • Reduce sap and bird droppings.
  • Reduce release of pollen ie: allergies or asthma.
  • Deter insects or animals including bees and possums.
  • Top, lop or damage a tree in a way that contradicts the pruning.
  • Remove trees that are not considered aesthetically pleasing or messy.
  • Remove trees that have been vandalised.
  • Prevent sewer pipe blockages.

Preferred suppliers to use for tree removal

Where council has provided approval by way of a development consent for a tree on the road reserve to be pruned or removed, the applicant may contact any of the organisations listed below for a quote.

The following organisations have approval to undertake work on council land through the Preferred Supplier Tendering process.  Preferred suppliers are aware of their obligation to ensure the tree has been approved for removal or pruning.  

Treeserve - 9620 2060

Treescape - 0477 224 555

Services available include tree, stump, grinding, root, root barrier, removal, travel tower, chipper, climber, EWP, pruning, arborist.  

The applicant is responsible for contract management and payment of the arborist and penalties apply for unauthorised work on council land.

Street Tree Planting

RMS Offset Planting


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More information

Policies and documents

Urban Tree and Bushland Policy Public Liability relating to Trees Policy Street Tree Planting Specifications



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