Pool Removal

If you needed approval to build a pool, you will need approval to demolish it.

If your pool has heritage significance, you should consult a council pool officer for advice.

Approval requirements

In ground pools

Demolition of in ground pools requires council approval and is classified as complying development.  Council's certifiers or accredited private certifiers can assist you with this type of application.

This includes:

  • Pools in the ground more than 600 mm.
  • Fibreglass, masonry, concrete or similar pools.

Owner responsibilities

  • The development must be carried out in accordance with AS 2601—2001.
  • The site of the swimming pool excavation must be filled so as to restore the site to the ground level (existing), taking into account any slope to the site.  The fill must be compacted and any piping or similar material removed before the pool excavation is filled.
  • Provide run off and erosion controls to divert uncontaminated run off around cleared or disturbed areas to prevent soil erosion, water pollution or the discharge of loose sediment from the land.
  • Erect a silt fence to prevent debris escaping into drainage systems, waterways or adjoining properties.  Provide controls to prevent tracking of sediment by vehicles onto roads. 

Above ground pools - including inflatable and prefabricated pools 

Generally formal approval is not required (subject to strict removal standards being met) for any of these pool types provided they do not exceed a depth of 600mm in the ground.  

Owner responsibilities

  • Disassemble the pool and remove all materials from the site. 
  • Restore the ground level to its natural level and grade.
  • Where filling required use only clean drainable fill. 
  • Filling is to be suitably compacted and graded to natural contours so as not to create a drainage nuisance. 
  • Suitable erosion control or grass disturbed areas to prevent silt run off into neighbouring properties.  

Advise council of pool removal

For pools that did not require approval, we still need to update our records and the NSW Pool Register

Include 2 photos with your notification, one showing the pool prior to demolition and the second with the pool gone and land reinstated.

Notify us online of pool removal


Address: ,

More information

Policies and documents

Pool Safely Booklet


Pool Removal Advice (above ground and inflatable pools only)



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