Time Limited Parking

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Time Limited Parking 

Time limit parking applies to areas in the Shire including school zones, commercial centres, beaches, sporting fields and more frequently visited areas. 

All time limit parking has signage with parking times indicated. Your parking time starts from the moment your vehicle stops and vehicle must be moved, from that area, within the specified time on the sign.  You cannot restart the time limit by simply moving your vehicle over a few spaces. You must leave the area/length of road. 

Rule 205 of the Road Rules says “A driver must not park continuously on a length of road, or in an area, to which a permissive parking sign applies for longer than the period indicated”. 

A 'length of road or in an area', which a timed parking sign applies (example 1P), is an unbroken section of road or area marked by parking signs of the same type.  The 'length of road, or area' is broken up by a change in signs, such as a Bus Zone or No Parking Zone located along the road or by an intersecting road.  It is not broken by a driveway, pedestrian ramp or a curve in the road.  The opposite side of the road or area is not a different length of road.

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