Abandoned Vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle to council

Council officers can investigate concerns regarding vehicles (including cars and trailers) which may have been abandoned by their owner. 

Public verses private property

This type of investigation can only be conducted when the vehicle is in a public place.  Council officers do not deal with abandoned vehicles located on private property.  Abandoned vehicles located on private land are managed by the land owner and occupier of the premises.

Unregistered verses abandoned vehicles

Although a vehicle may be unregistered or does not display a registration label it does not mean that the vehicle is abandoned. 

Council often receives customer requests regarding unregistered vehicles as it is commonly thought that an unregistered vehicle is 'abandoned'. However, the registration status of a vehicle is not indicative that an owner has abandoned the motor vehicle and registration is not a consideration within the provisions of the Act.

Claims of ownership

If, during the course of council's investigation, the owner (or a person acting on behalf of the owner) of a vehicle, contacts council and claims ownership of the vehicle then council is unable to determine that the vehicle is abandoned. 

If this occurs, council is unable to remove the vehicle, except in certain cases where the vehicle poses a hazard to pedestrians and other road users.

On the spot penalties may be imposed on someone who abandons a motor vehicle in a public place.

Police enforcement

Council's officers are not authorised to enforce matters relating to the registration of a vehicle. 

This authority is provided to the police. Information regarding the enforcement of unregistered vehicles by the police may be obtained by contacting the relevant area command.


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