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Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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Duke has been at the shelter since 23/07/2018

Absolute boss…that is our adorable nugget Duke. We love this chunky little Staffy who is full of life with an abundance of love to give. Duke is a total hunk who struts around knowing that he is hot stuff. A fun lover and total character, Duke has a ball playing games with his human buddies and with his many toys while he bounces here and there snorting like a pig. As much as he loves activity and a good run, he can also be a lazy nugget who enjoys sunbaking and having a cuddle. Duke is an affectionate little dude who sits in your lap, stretches out and laps up as much love as he can get. We can just imagine him being a couch potato and enjoying some time in front of the telly.Duke has come from rough beginnings where life was not fair to this dog that has the biggest heart. Now that he is on a sunnier path and winning hearts at the shelter, we need to find him a new beginning and someone to love. Duke needs a dedicated owner who understands dogs and can be a loyal and strong leader for him. Once he has the love he has always desired, the special golden nugget that is our Duke will shine and be happy.

Hubee - has a new home

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Breed:American Staffordshire Terrier cross Labrador

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Hubee has been at the shelter since 08/08/2018

Darling Hubee has just one goal in life-to make you feel like the most important and loved human in the entire world. With his gentle eyes and zest for life, Hubee is an old soul inside the body of a youthful dog. He has a spring in his step and an abundance of energy, yet he would love nothing more than to sneak onto the lounge and snuggle with his family in the evening. Hubee will require some obedience training to further his skills and manners, as well as plenty of exercise and attention. He is simply looking for a home and a family, and he will reward your love and devotion tenfold.

Max - has a new home

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Breed:German Shepherd Dog

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Max has been at the shelter since 20/08/2018


Caesar - has a new home

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Breed:German Shepherd Dog

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Caesar has been at the shelter since 21/08/2018



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Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Unknown

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Rocky has been at the shelter since 27/08/2018

Rocky the brindle entertainment package is nothing short of a laugh a minute. A busy little bee with a bundle of energy, the name Rocky is certainly suitable for this fun loving cheeky dog. A lovable boy who has an incredibly sweet character, Rocky is friendly and outgoing with everyone that he meets and just wants attention from those around him. Rocky is yet to be taught the basics of calm interaction, and whilst he has the best intentions just wanting some love, he can move at a mile and minute and has energy to burn. Rocky is a smart cookie who loves training and learning new skills, he is extremely food driven and engages quickly when you have treats around. From what we know of life for young Rocky so far, he has never been given a proper chance to settle into life as a treasured pet or known the feeling of everlasting true love. Rocky has massive potential to become a very obedient and fantastic dog, he just needs someone to give him some guidance and time. A patient and understanding owner who is willing to put in the time and effort will reap huge rewards and a lifetime of loyal love from this fascinating little man. All Rocky wants in life is to spread the love that is bursting out of him by giving you huge hugs and kisses. He loves hanging out with his people and running around playing chase while showing off his skills like sit and drop. Rocky would benefit from a stable home with someone who is active and loves to engage with their dog. A best mate for life is what Rocky wants, which is what he will be to the person who opens their heart and home to this very deserving cool little dude.

Montgomery Burns - has a new home

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Montgomery Burns has been at the shelter since 29/08/2018

Mr Montgomery Burns is simply excellent. He is a dapper little fellow with the loveliest manners and the biggest loving eyes. At 10 years of age, Monty is still a spritely gentleman who will run at an impressive speed if he spots a vacant lap to snuggle in. He is an easy-going dog who loves to spend his days sleeping in a warm bed and giving cuddles to anyone who is willing. He would suit a home where he can be around people as much as possible, though he would be content to sleep while no-one is home. He appears to be happy around other dogs and may be interested in a canine friend to keep him warm at night. Monty is the perfect pocket-sized companion who would love to retire to a life of comfort, style, and adventure. If you think that Monty might be the one for you then please do not hesitate to visit the shelter to meet him, we are sure that he will melt your heart.

Rocky Jr - has a new home

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Breed:Jack Russell Terrier

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Rocky Jr has been at the shelter since 10/09/2018


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