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Toby - has a new home

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Breed:Unknown cross breed

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Toby has been at the shelter since 21/04/2018

A complete gentleman is our sweet and handsome Toby.This dog is everything wonderful and lovely. He is incredibly loyal, loving, very affectionate and snuggly, calm and well mannered, and mostly importantly, a great mate. Although just 6 years of age, Toby has a soul that is well beyond his years. He is not an old dog, but he is definitely an old soul. This old soul enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Toby’s favourite daily activities include lying in the sun and working on his tan, going for his daily walks and exploring the world, running around like a mad dog and the local beach, getting cuddles (everyone loves a cuddle), carrying around his most treasured toys to give them a change of scenery, relaxing and spending quality chill time with his human buddies and making them feel very special with his contagious love. Toby is so well behaved making him the perfect house guest. He is happy just to relax and watch everyone go about their business while he patiently waits for his next round cuddles and love fest. What an amazing and loyal companion this dog will make for his incredibly lucky new family. Toby will be full of gratitude to his people who rescue him. He is not overly wrapped with shelter life and cannot wait to get settled in his new home and be a family man. With all that said, Toby is a dog who really just wants love and companionship. Not much to ask when you are a handsome gentleman with manners of an angel and a heart of gold. If you are the one to sweep Toby of his paws, you will be his hero for all of his doggy days.


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Breed:American Staffordshire Terrier cross unknown

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Honey has been at the shelter since 23/04/2018

Honey by name, Honey by nature! Meet our adorable little fire cracker Honey. This girl is bursting out of her skin to spread her happy love all over the shop. This dog is always with a gigantic smile on her pretty face and it’s impossible not to smile every time you look at her. Honey is a hottie, there is no disputing this lady’s good looks and cuddly compact little body. Cuddles and companionship she definitely loves. Honey is a people’s dog through and through. This dog is everything affectionate and needs a family who will have the time to spend with her in adventures, exercise and training and just general love. Honey is a super smart little cookie which has shone in the training we have done with her so far. She has great drive and loves food and games, so will be a breeze to train with the help of a qualified trainer. Honey has lacked some education so far in life, so her new family will need to help her use all of her intelligence and get her the education that all dogs need. She has so much potential and is quickly working out how to get what she wants in life, and is a spectacular student. Honey is an energetic little lady and will thrive with an active lifestyle making her an exceptional exercise companion. She adores everyone that she meets and loves to be cuddled, patted and fussed over, and will also love chill time with her people and just hanging out. Sadly like so many of our shelter pets who come to us looking for a second, third or fourth chance, Honey has not lived the dog life dream so far and we are hoping to turn all that around for her. And just like most of the animals who move in with us at the shelter, life has in no way faded her light and love of life. A true companion is our Honey girl, she just needs to find her people to love and be loved right back.

Fergie - has a new home

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