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Breed:Medium unknown cross breed

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Biffy has been at the shelter since 24/05/2019

Handsome hunk and all round lover.…meet big boy Biffy!! There is a big bouncy beauty at the shelter ready to start his new life. Firstly it’s impossible to resist that adorable face that is never without a winning smile. It’s a smile that loves (and licks) oh so much, and just begs for you to PLAY WITH ME! Biffy loves his cuddles, he loves to play, and my lord does he love you! Biffy feels pretty special these days…He now has a certificate with his name and photo on it! The certificate promises that Biffy is a good boy and a very smart dog. Thanks to City of Sydney Council, Biffy recently spent 2 weeks in training with our friends at Canine Evolution at Pet Resorts of Australia Dural. During his time at boarding school Biffy learnt and worked on lots of basic obedience skills such a sit, loose lead walking, drop and placement commands (on you bed). Bifs learnt that there is a time for calm and a time for play, and that to get what you want in life you have to work for it and do what you are told. Being a crazy idiot will get you nowhere and Biffy is proud to say that he has now worked this out. It was a much more mature, calm and well behaved beast that was returned to our care, and we can’t thank our training friends at Canine Evolution enough for the fanatic job they did with Biffy’s schooling. Why all this education and learning stuff…so Biffy has the skills he needs in life to thrive, be happy and be the best beast he can be. Now that Biffy is a good boy, it’s time to find a home, a life and his loves. Play mate for life is what this dog is all about. He is super fun and busy with energy to burn. Hilarious antics is just who Biffy is, and it’s impossible not to be entertained by our gigantic silly goose. Toys are amazing in Biffy’s eyes and he throws them about and chases after them like the big pup that he is. He knows how to self-entertain, but would much prefer some fun and silly time with you by his side. Biffy will make the most wonderful companion. He is as loyal as they come, loves you fiercely, is always up for an adventure, and melts like butter when lapping up some cuddles wrapped tightly in your arms. Biffy is ready to experience all that life has to offer with his best buddy by his side. Biffy has been to school and is a very smart boy, but he will need continued training in his new home so he can reach his full potential and be the best dog that he can be. He will be best suited to a home with older children and a home where he will be the only pet, as Biffy is a king in need of his very own castle. If you come to meet this very eligible bachelor you may not be able to leave him behind, we know from experience how he gets into your heart and you just want to be with him as much as possible. He is loyal and loves like no other, he cuddles like a big red bear, he radiates sunshine wherever he goes…quite simply, it’s impossible to not want some Biffy the boof head in your life.


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Breed:Cattle Dog Cross

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Coco has been at the shelter since 09/10/2019

Sweet man Coco has been on the lookout for his new home for a couple of months now, and we’re all quite surprised that it’s taken him this long to get his new life started! With his big friendly smile, luscious chocolatey coat and waggly tail, he’s always on the lookout for his potential new best friends… surely they’ll be coming soon? To help Coco on his search, we’ve put together a little list of things this eligible bachelor is after....Firstly, a family with time to take him out on plenty of adventures to keep him fit, trim and stimulated every day. Coming from a line of cattle dogs, Coco has energy to burn, so daily exercise is a must for this handsome man! And Coco just LOVES his walkies – he’s always keen to get his collar on and head out on a new adventure. It doesn’t matter where he goes, he’s always happy to be out, active and with the people that he loves and trusts. Secondly, Coco would like a helping hand in the “good boy” department. He’s already got a few handy skills under his belt and he always sits for a treat, but some training to build his confidence would help him enormously in his day-to-day life. He can be a little bit nervous in new situations, so a family who can really boost his self esteem with some training is on the list! His last wish is simple – love, and lots of it! Coco adores being with people, loves a pat (his coat is so soft and inviting) and dreams of being with his new family as much as possible! What can he say, he’s a bit of a socialite! While we don’t know if Coco has had a doggy brother or sister in the past, he appears to be OK walking with the other dogs and doesn’t mind playing through the fence in the yards. If his potential family already has a dog, shelter staff would be happy to arrange a play date for them. Coco is truly a handsome dog who enjoys the simple things in life: family, exercise, training and lots of love. We are hoping that Coco's new home is just around the corner! Come on down and meet Coco at the shelter today!


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Breed:Bull Arab cross unknown

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Dexter has been at the shelter since 28/11/2019

Adopt me!

Joe Cotton-Tail

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Joe Cotton-Tail has been at the shelter since 05/12/2019

Introducing JOE COTTON-TAIL! What an absolute hunk Joe Cotton-Tail is. This is one big buns and he is totally amazing and gorgeous, and huge! From his massive ears to his giant bunny body, Joe Cotton-Tail is what beautiful bunnies are made of. We are all smitten with our large white rabbit. He is soft as silk, very affectionate and cuddly, and a real people’s bunny. Joe Cotton-Tail is very social, inquisitive, adorably cheeky and playful and a whole heap of fun. Joe Cotton-Tail is a whole lotta rabbit to love, but being so big just means there is more of him to cuddle. Joe Cotton-Tail is just divine in every way, he is pet bunny dreams come true.

Cadbury Buns

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Cadbury Buns has been at the shelter since 24/12/2019

Introducing CADBURY BUNS! We LOVE Cadbury Buns. Just look at all of her glorious bunny beauty, what a stunner! To match her adorable good looks, this hopping little honey is amazing. What a personality our little Cadbury has! She is obviously cute to boot, and to add to her adorability she is so funny, cheeky and super playful. Cadbury is a cuddle buns who cannot get enough love from her human friends, she is very much perfect pet material. Cadbury is a love bunny who will smother you with kisses and cuddles, she is very much the lover. She likes to follow you around and make sure you are fixing her food and her house correctly, to be honest she can be a bit of a bunny busy body, but it’s always nice to have a bunny as awesome as Cadbury by your side. And to top of what is a perfect bunny, we think she looks a bit like the Caramello Koala, and she is equally as delicious. Cadbury is just YUM!

Wendy - has a new home

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Breed:Greyhound X Unknown

Age: {{"20190106" |readableAge:20190106}}


Wendy has been at the shelter since 06/01/2020


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