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Sporting Facilities

SSC currently administers over 115 playing fields, 3 athletics tracks, 54 tennis courts and 99 netball courts for use by clubs, residents, schools and community groups.  Council’s sporting facilities are community facilities and multiple uses of community facilities are encouraged and promoted.

If you require Council assistance during business hours please contact the Sport Services Team on 9710 0333, numbers below or email

You can contact Council  after-hours on 9710 0333.


Ovals Athletics Tracks Netball Courts Skate Park Basketball Cycling  Tennis Courts  Golf Courses

Wet Weather Oval Closure

For turf field closures dial Council's wet weather line on 9710 0105 or check Council's website for the alert banner advising Ground Closures for information.

Council makes the decision to close grounds to ensure the grounds remain in good condition

Weekday ground closures - the decision is made by 9am following the inspection of fields by Council's technical team.

Weekend ground closures -   Decisions on cancellation of weekend sport is made by the relevant sporting association. There will be exceptions where council will make the decision for all associations regarding weekend fixtures.  Grounds damaged by a club/association's decision to play in wet weather conditions will be liable for the cost of the repairs and may forfeit their user status.  Contact your club on weekends or check their website for updates.

Hirers that use playing fields which have been closed will be liable for the cost of repairs and may forfeit their hirer status.

To assist sporting groups make decisions regarding wet weather closures a "Wet weather Ground Inspection Guide " is available.


Email notifications for wet weather oval closures

RSS feed for wet weather oval closures

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Bookings and Allocations of Sporting Facilities

Council provides access to active open space for community sport and recreational activities.  Public open space is available for all members of the community to use, however, priority access is given to groups who have a hire agreement with Council.  Hiring requests that cause damage or impact the community’s ability to use the space for sporting activities will not be accepted.  Multi-sport usage of sites is becoming more common across Council’s facilities as shared use of sites accommodates the growth in population and sporting participation.  Active open space can be hired in the following ways:

Seasonal Hire Casual Hire

Seasonal Sports Allocation Form

School Sport Allocation Request Form (including athletics carnivals and cross country)

Sport Services Club Information Guide

The Sport Services Club Information Guide provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of Council, sporting clubs, user groups and associations to enable a better understanding of the processes guiding the use and allocation of facilities, as well as developing sport and recreation opportunities.


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Sporting Facility Operational Management

  1. Operational matters are generally the responsibility of the user groups and issues should be covered in the Sporting Group’s Operational Plan of Management.
  2. It is recommended that each sporting group using active open space develop an Operational Plan of Management outlining roles and responsibilities.It provides direction to the club executive and volunteers.Contact your association for a template.
  3. Agreements, Leases, Permits & Licences - Council has a leasing policy which outlines terms and conditions for community groups and associations to lease community land.  Community-Leasing.pdf

For more detailed information click on Club-Info-Guide.pdf

Sporting Facility Maintenance

  1. Bins - Clubs are responsible for placing bins out on designated collection days.Bins should be returned to storage when empty.
  2. Cleaning/Clean ups – The facility and grounds must be cleaned by the users.Council fees & charges apply for extra cleaning and rubbish removal.
  3. Condition of grounds – Clubs are to inspect playing surfaces and facilities prior to each use to ensure facilities/grounds are in a safe condition for use.
  4. Floodlights – Council sets the floodlight timers seasonally as per the allocation schedule.Floodlights are to be switched on and off manually as relying on the timers alone will mean lights will operate on Public Holidays or when training has been cancelled.All users are responsible for payment of the electricity costs associated with allocated use.

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Change of Season

There is a two week break between the end of one season and the start of another season to allow SSC to repair, renovate the fields and prepare for the new season.  Change of season generally occurs Summer to Winter – last 2 weeks in March and Winter to Summer – first 2 weeks in September.  Any use of the fields during this time has to be pre-approved by Council.  Access to the fields may not be permitted due to heavy machinery carrying out the change-over maintenance.  Council may request early access to fields that are not being utilised for finals to commence change of season works.

For more detailed information click on:   Club-Info-Guide.pdf

Infrastructure Development at Sporting Facilities 

The process in applying for infrastructure proposals is divided into two categories:

  1. Minor Proposals – may include shade shelters, fencing, BBQ areas, seating, improvements to field, floodlighting or sport specific infrastructure (goals, cricket nets)
  2. Major Proposals – may include clubhouse, buildings, floodlighting, field upgrades and additions.
  3.  Guidelines-for-Infrastructure-projects-for-sporting-groups.pdf
  4. Application for Infrastructure projects 

For more detailed information click on Club-Info-Guide.pdf

Application for Infrastructure on Council Land


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Sutherland Shire Sport for all abilities

Sport is vital to building community relationships and everyone has a role to play in sport.  Our community is building an inclusive community through various sport programs and activities in the Sutherland Shire.  People living with disability can access regular sporting opportunities ranging from introductory level to competitions.  More people with a disability and disability service organisations are recognising the many social and health benefits that result from being involved in sport and physical activity.  Sporting Organisations are also becoming more aware of the benefits of involving people with disabilities either as participants, administrators, volunteers, coaches or officials.

The following information includes local activities with links to community organisations, disability support groups and government resources.

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Out of Season or Event Hire

Preseason, Training & Grading Days Usage – A four week period prior to the start of each season is available for pre-season trials, training and grading.  However, the current sport allocated the facility has priority and each site has to be assessed as field renovations and maintenance also take priority. Sporting associations will be given any allocations to pass on to their clubs.  Council may limit pre-season training to protect sports ground surfaces for the current season user

Presentation Days/Events - Registration days, presentation days, fundraiser, regional, state or national sporting competitions and championships that have amusements, fireworks or entertainment are considered events.  Event information can be found in the Events Toolkit.


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The health and safety of our community and staff is our number one priority. It is critical that Council implement all necessary actions to help stem the spread of COVID-19. Please refer to the Public Health page to see Council Services and Facilities which remain available to the public at the advice of Government restrictions.



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