Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Enjoy beautiful views, open spaces and the sun on your back while using our free outdoor fitness equipment.  Council's fixed-to-ground exercise equipment includes sit-up benches, chin-up bars and balance beams, and caters for people of all ages and abilities.
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Council is committed to providing accessible facilities that enable everyone in our community to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
The following outdoor fitness equipment is available for the community:


Don Lucas Reserve, Cronulla

1 Mitchell Road, Cronulla

Can I Request New Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

Our vision in the Community Strategic Plan is ‘a connected and safe community that respects people and nature, enjoying active lives in a strong local economy’.  Council receives many competing demands for the installation of gym equipment and playground equipment at locations across the Shire.  Unfortunately, it is not financially sustainable for Council to agree to all requests, and so requests for new assets such as gym equipment need to be delivered as part of a planned and prioritised approach.

To assist this, an Open Space and Recreation Strategy for Sutherland Shire is being developed.  The localities for new assets, such as gym equipment and sports facilities, will be identified in ten year Action Plans.  One of the Action Plans currently being developed in consultation with the community is a Play Plan which covers playgrounds, skate facilities, and outdoor exercise equipment.

Future requests for gym equipment, playgrounds and similar infrastructure will be considered in the context of the Play Plan.


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