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Brazilian Social Dance

Cost: Free for members

Bookings: No booking required

Location: 1 Rawson Ave Sutherland

Fun easy interactive social dance style for everyone from absolute beginners to those already ripping up the dance floor. Forro means “For all”

When: Fridays from 6 September 6:30pm 

Bring: A desire for dance, joy and laughter. It's not essential to bring a partner, but the more the merrier!

Cost: Free for members, cost of casual entry for non members.

Where: Sutherland Leisure Centre

You will think you are a great dancer after these classes. There are no mistakes – just new steps!

Soltinho means "A Little Loose". This style is relatively new and is a very balanced mixture of jive, swing and rock. People who wish to learn Brazilian dance usually start with Soltinho as there is less technique involved which makes the dance steps easy to learn and it can be danced to various forms of music.

Known as the official "Dance of Love", there are two theories related to the origin of Bolero. One credits the Spanish people for inventing it, and the other says that it originated in Cuba and was popularized by Mexicans. When Bolero came to Brazil, it was heavily influenced by Tango which gave it some new dance steps and variations.

Is the most popular genre of music and dance in Brazil’s Northeast, to the extent that historically “going to the Forró” meant simply going to party or going out.


Enquiries can be directed to Sutherland Leisure Centre on 8536 9777 or