Vandalism Reward Scheme

Report an incident of graffiti or malicious damage on council property to the police and you may be eligible to claim a reward.

How much is the reward?

The reward is different in every case as the potential reward amount is equal to the cost for the repair or removal of the vandalism.  The reward will be equal to the cost incurred by council for the clean up of the graffiti and is capped at $5,000 per application.  Additionally, the reward system is capped each financial year at $20,000.

Eligibility and rules

  • The reward relates to graffiti or vandalism that has occurred on council owned or managed property. 
  • To make a reward claim you must have reported the graffiti or vandalism to police and the information you supply leads to them taking legal action against the offender.
  • Rewards may also apply (at council's sole discretion) for information about offences committed on buildings located on community land that are owned by a recognised community group, and in which, council was involved in the repair or removal of the damage.
  • Council will not accept claims in which the person making the claim is also the identified offender. 
  • Council staff directly involved in the removal and/or management of graffiti and vandalism, and their immediate family are also ineligible.

When police take legal action

Police legal actions for the purpose of the Vandalism Reward Scheme include:

  • A criminal proceeding resulting in a conviction or finding of guilt, or an offence proven in a court of law.

Criminal proceedings and legal actions must be in relation to incidents of graffiti and vandalism as defined in the Vandalism Reward Scheme Policy. 

When police don't take legal action 

The police make decisions on the investigation of offences based on available information. If they decide not to investigate a particular incident, the reward will not be payable.

Private property

The reward scheme does not include private property as council is primarily responsible for providing and maintaining assets for the benefit of the whole community.  When these assets are damaged everyone in the community suffers.  For this reason, the focus of this scheme is to provide an incentive for residents to report information about offenders who damage community property only.

Anonymous reports

Your interaction with police will be bound by their policies and procedures. Unless required to do so under legislation, council will not release your name or contact details to any third party except to verify the information provided on the claim form with police.

To report information about offenders anonymously, phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. You can also report the information online at Anonymous reports are not eligible for a reward.

Reporting steps and claiming reward

The following actions may mean you are eligible to claim the reward provided the scheme rules are met. 

1.  Call the Police

Call police on 000 if you witness someone damaging property at the time of the incident.

In all other circumstances contact Sutherland Shire Police Area Command 9548 0899.  Remember that if you intend to submit a reward application, council must be able to verify you as the person who provided the information.

2.  Wait for the police investigation

If the police investigation leads to a legal action being taken against an offender, you are eligible to apply to council for a reward.

3. Apply for the reward

Complete and submit the vandalism reward scheme claim form to us.  You will need to provide your details, a description of the graffiti or vandalism and other information which will allow us to verify details with Police.

Vandalism Reward Scheme Claim

Please also ensure you read our Vandalism Reward Scheme Policy before making your claim.

3.  Council will review your claim

Send in the fully completed claim form to us at the address stated on the form or drop it in to our Customer Service.  

Council will consider your claim and contact you about their decision.

4.  Council will advise you of its decision

If your claim is successful, we will organise payment of the reward which is an amount made in accordance with the scheme rules.  

If your claim is unsuccessful, we will advise you in writing as to why this decision was made.

If council makes the decision that you are not eligible to receive a reward, you can appeal this in writing to council.  If, on reassessment, your claim is still denied you have further recourse to write to the General Manager of council whose decision is final.


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Vandalism Reward Scheme Claim Form


Enquiries can be directed to Operational Services, Infrastructure on 9710 0333 or

Graffiti Vandalism Reward Scheme Claim

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