Pool Inspections, Certificates and Pool Inspection Program

Recent scheduled legislation regarding new requirements when selling or leasing a house with a pool has been deferred to 29 April 2015.

Pool Certificate of Compliance

To obtain a Pool Certificate of Compliances you can contact your local council or an accredited private certifier. Inspections are carried out and if the pool is compliant the certificate will be issued.  If the pool is not compliant further inspections will be required before the certificate can be issued.

Did you know that pools must be registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.  No Certificate of Compliance will be issued to an unregistered pool.

Certificate of Compliances are valid for 3 years provided there are no changes to the pool barrier during that time.   

Request a pool barrier inspection

Request Pool Inspection application form - Pool Certificate of Compliance 

or call the Customer Service Centre on 02 9710 0333. 


An initial fee of $150 is payable at the time of making a request for an an inspection.  This fee includes up to 1-2 inspections and the issue of a Pool Certificate of Compliance (if the pool is compliant).

If the pool is not compliant and more than 2 inspections are required a subsequent fee of $100 applies. 

See our section Certificates of Compliance - what's required when selling/buying or renting a property.

Pool Exemption Certificates

Our pool exemption section explains when exemptions might be granted. 

Application form - Pool Exemption Certificate


A fee of $70 applies.

Pool inspection Program

Council is required under the Swimming Pools Act to carry out its Swimming Pool Inspection Program to ensure all pools comply with the required standards. 

Inspections are initiated by council. 

This program covers all residential pools.  All pools other than high risk pools will be inspected on a 5 yearly program unless a more frequent inspection is required or requested.

Pools having a high risk such as backpackers, bed and breakfast, hotels, motels, serviced apartments and residences of more than 2 occupancies are inspected every 3 years.

If after inspection, council finds your pool is compliant, you may request a Pool Certificate of Compliance (included in the fees stated below). 


2 Inspections - $150
More than 2 inspections  - $250


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