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New pools - check to see if your new pool is a Complying Development  or if you need to put in a Development Application.  Our  Swimming Pool Fact Sheet provides a summary on pool development requirements.

Pool registrations

Legislation requires that all swimming pools (including spas) are required to be registered on the NSW Swimming Pools Register.  The legislation provides council with the authority to issue a fine where a pool is found not to be registered.

There are 2 ways to register:

Online at the NSW swimming pool register website.


complete a registration form and lodge with CouncilAt this point of time registration forms are being accepted for existing pools at council without incurring a fine

Safety Booklet, Fact Sheets, New Pools, Responsibilities, Inspection Program, Certificates of Compliance.

Pool Safety Booklet and Fact Sheets

The comprehensive pool booklet and fact sheets of important pool information

General Requirements and Safety

Get started here with our summary about general requirements of pool ownership.

Responsibilities - Owners, Council, Renters

Swimming pool responsibilities under the Swimming Pools Act for owners, council and information if you are renting a property.

Resuscitation Warning Sign - what's required

Resuscitation warning signs are required to be displayed in the vicinity of all pools. Signs can be purchased from council.

Spas and Indoor Pools

Spa pools are required to meet safety regulations including fencing or lockable covers. Indoor pool areas are to be restricted.

Demountable, Inflatable and Portable Pools

Any pool that can be filled with more than 300mm of water must be fenced.

Certificates of Exemptions - Pools

Exemptions currently exist for some existing pools based on the age and location of the pool.

Pool Inspections, Certificates and Pool Inspection Program

About our Pool Inspection Program and Certificates of Compliance.

Pool Registration

All NSW pools (including spas and portable pools) must be registered - this can be done online.

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